Regional Carrier Retail Management Software Solutions

Competing Against Giants is Both Art & Science

Creating a unified customer experience is critical to staying competitive, but that can be easier said than done when competing with larger carriers and brands. It takes a combination of leveraging your local appeal and prowess with the right tools to achieve scale.

Top 3 Telecom Retail Challenges

Constant battle to attract customers amid intense competition

When it comes to implementing your vision for your brand’s customer experience, competing with giants like large carriers on a smaller budget can be challenging.

With the right retail management solution, you can provide a powerful, local customer experience that rivals even the biggest brands. Turnkey solutions that are built for wireless will help you play to your strengths and scale in a way that’s much more agile than your competitors.

The customer experience is broken

Customers are faced with a frustrating, broken customer experience as they move back and forth from online to in-store.

Focus on your customer by unifying and optimizing the customer experience with turnkey omnichannel and mobile technologies. By integrating your online, in-store, and inventory management systems you can meet and exceed your customers’ needs. 

Outdated software feeds outdated business practices

Attempting to manage multiple legacy systems means you can’t focus on how you truly want to be running your business. Leveraging a modern integrations platform will help you untangle the web of your current systems to put easy-to-navigate tools in the hands of your employees and enable you to harness the power data and reporting, inventory management, and more.

iQmetrix Software Solutions

iQmetrix provides the turnkey retail management software, integrations platform, and expertise to enable you to provide a more cohesive and powerful brand, customer, and employee experience across all your channels.

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Optimize Operational Efficiencies with Core Capabilities

iQmetrix Sales Screen

Sales & Cash Management

Easily process sales through desktop or mobile POS with discounting, promotion, and tax options along with cash management options such as cashing in and out, performing cash skims, and cash audits. All backed by detailed security levels and reporting.

iQmetrix Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory Management & Supply Chain

Optimize stock levels across all retail channels with a full inventory management system featuring centrally managed balancing, optimization, and integrated processes.

iQmetrix Employee Scheduling

Employee Management

Effortlessly and centrally onboard, edit, and offboard employees as well as provide security levels, track employee commissions, scheduling, and more. Integrate to other employee systems and enable third-party authentication to streamline employee logins.

iQmetrix Data & Analytics

Reporting, Data & Analytics

Confidently make better business decisions with the right data at your fingertips. From reporting, dashboards, and business intelligence to reporting and data integrations, you can customize your data to match your business needs in a way that’s streamlined, visual, and actionable.

Integrate Your Systems to Provide Seamless Experiences

Integrated Solutions
Core Service Integrations
Not looking to replace your whole system? Items such as customer data, phone activations, billing, pricing, inventory ERPs, etc. can all be integrated from your services to our solutions. .
iQmetrix Partner Integrations
Partner Integrations

Paired with iQmetrix’s industry-leading solutions, we’ve ramped up even more functionality with a vast partner ecosystem that provides integrations to help streamline your business operations and drive revenue growth. Our ecosystem connects you to existing systems with our best-of-breed partners, and ready-to-use integrations.

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Omnichannel & Supply Chain Integrations
iQmetrix enables online to in-store as well as inventory, Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS), and supply chain integrations that ensure your customers can purchase products consistently whenever and wherever they want.
Omnichannel APIs
Custom Integrations
iQmetrix’s dedicated Enterprise Retail Services team can build custom integrations for any area of your ecosystem in ways that a third-party doesn’t have access to, including custom endpoints, data delivery, and more.

Deployment Options & Customizations

Using our intelligent retail solutions and wireless retail expertise, our client experience team is dedicated to setting you up for success.

Our software-as-a-service solutions are available out of the box with a regular update and release processes along with user acceptance testing protocols. Our teams work with you to provide the foundation of your database, coach you through any customizations, and provide regular training, account management, and support.

While we have ready-to-go integrations and APIs available, we also offer custom development and integrations. Our teams work with you to do a discovery of your needs, provide a statement of work, project plan, and implementation process.

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Ready to take on giants and win?