Brand and OEM Retail Software Solutions

Provide a Unified Customer Experience Across Channels & Operators

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and brands that are adjacent to the telecom industry have an incredible opportunity for growth. From the overarching retail strategy to the in-store customer experience, these businesses can capture even greater success, if they’re able to navigate the complexity of telecom at large.

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Top 3 OEM & Brand Retail Challenges

Removing Customer Pain Points

The customer is integral to the success of a retailer and their experience needs to be a smooth one. Multi-carrier integrations connect physical and virtual channels to remove barriers that create a great retail environment.

Creating Touchpoint Consistencies

Multiple channels, touchpoints, and operators may elevate the retail experience, but it shouldn’t add unnecessary complexity or friction. Consistent touchpoints are possible with connected, accessible systems.

Gaining Visibility into Channels & Operators

Seeing clearly into the processes of channels and operators allows OEMs and brands to own the interaction to ensure a positive experience at every touchpoint — from inventory levels, sales numbers, attachment rates, and more.

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Solutions for a Unified Experience

A unified, cross-channel experience begins with an intelligent retail management system that streamlines complexity and connects systems across all OEM & brand touchpoints.

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Integrate Your Systems to Provide a Seamless Experience

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Multi-Carrier Integrations

Carrier integrations are simplified with a direct connection to the e-commerce site or POS. Devices are activated quickly with no friction caused by multi-carrier complexity or unnecessary dual entry.

iQmetrix Partner Integrations
Partner Integrations

A vast partner ecosystem provides integrations like CRM, trade-in, warranty, financing, and more. These help operators manage day-to-day while driving revenue growth. Ready-to-use connections elevate retailers to provide more to their customers.

Integrations Platform

Efficiency is created when you integrate systems. Connections reduce redundancies, increase communication, and work better for your business — together. Enterprise services are available for large-scale changes for large-scale businesses.

Deployment Options & Customizations

Using our intelligent retail solutions and telecom retail expertise, our client experience team is dedicated to setting you up for success.

Our software-as-a-service solutions are available out of the box with regular update and release processes along with user acceptance testing protocols. Our teams work with you to provide the foundation of your database, coach you through any customizations, and provide regular training, account management, and support.

While we have ready-to-go integrations and APIs available, we also offer custom development and integrations. Our teams work with you to do a discovery of your needs, provide a statement of work, project plan, and implementation process.

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Ready to deliver a unified customer experience?