Specialty Retail POS

A Specialty Retail POS System You'll Love

The intuitive and user-friendly design of RQ, our full-suite retail management system (RMS) and POS, allows your specialty retail team to serve customers faster, more effectively, and with greater confidence than ever before.

Specialty retailers face pressures from larger “one-stop-shop” merchants, who often offer convenience and low prices. Even with unmatched product expertise, specialty retailers need to offer a better in-store experience to compete and win.

RQ is an easy to use cloud-based retail POS system that powers over 20,000 retail locations in North America. This robust retail management system gives you the actionable information your team needs to provide unparalleled customer service and enables a tailored interaction for each and every customer. With the great in-store experience you’ll be known for, you’ll be the first choice for shoppers, leaving big box stores scrambling to catch up.

Specialty Retail POS
Speciatly Retail Benefits
Multi-Store Retail

Whether you have 2 locations or 4,000 RQ has the tools to support you. With powerful back-office tools like customer management, staff performance, inventory, integrations, and accounting software, wherever you grow, RQ is right there with you. 

Retail Analytics

Track sales and commissions in real time. Automated reports of in-depth analysis can be emailed right to you as often as you’d like so you’re always on top of store and employee performance. 

Omnichannel Ready

Whether you have a third-party e-commerce platform or you’re needing the iQmetrix team to build one for you, RQ integrates with it all. What does this mean for you? It’s customer information, from in-store and online, when you need it. 

More than 20,000 retail stores across
North America use RQ to power their business.

Specialty Retail Features

Get to know the regulars! Capture their preferences so you can personalize their in-store experience and keep them coming back. They’ll be your brand’s advocate in no time.

Point of Sale

Easily set up discounts, promotions, suggestive selling, taxes for your region, and more. Your employees will be empowered to confidently serve customers, supporting them in every way, from day one on the job.

Widget Library

Add and remove widgets on RQ’s customizable dashboard so employees are always seeing what they need to. Tailored to each staff role, all it takes is a login to RQ to see sales by location, sales contests, and any notes left on the dashboard that help you get things done.


Automatic re-order prompts and generated purchase orders based on minimum stock levels allows you to always have what the customer is looking for. Quickly receive inventory and keep an eagle-eye on transfers, orders, and levels—you’ll always have exactly what you need.

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