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Customizable, scalable, and best-in-class. As a luxury retailer, your service is second-to-none, and you deserve an all-encompassing POS and retail management solution that meets your standard. 

Make Your In-Store Experience Your Advantage

With customers who expect quality from your business, employees, and products, your luxury retail business needs to be in peak performance at all times. Be sure your retail management solution is arming you and your sales team with the product and customer data to make it happen.

In-Store Luxury Retail POS Software
Luxury Retail POS Software Benefits
White-Glove Customer Service

RQ’s clienteling and CRM functionality enables tracking of customizable data like preferred style, designer, and sales associates. Track birthdays, anniversaries and more, and tailor your outreach plan based on the service you want to provide.

All in the Details

Premium service means providing what your customers want, when they want it. RQ’s advanced inventory module gives you full visibility into inventory across all channels with complete product specifications. Your team will always know what items are where. 

Innovative In-Store Experience

RQmobile is the on-the-go POS that enables associates to complete transactions from anywhere in store. This hand-held tablet, paired with solutions like Endless Aisle, aligns your in-store and online experiences, allowing you to give an upscale retail experience. 

More than 20,000 retail stores across
North America use RQ to power their business.

Omnichannel Ready

Streamlined processes are no longer an option; they’re an expectation. RQ is setup for immediate omnichannel and integrates with third-party e-commerce solutions to provide frictionless shopping that your customers will love.

Multi-Store Retail

RQ is the perfect tool for retailers with two or more doors and are hungry for growth.With powerful back-office tools including customer management, performance analytics, inventory tracking, accounting software and so much more, wherever you grow, RQ is right there with you.

Services and repairs

RQ’s service and repair module is customizable with work flows that let you keep track of your service and repair menu. Whether it be alterations, repairs,or custom workings, RQ has the functionality you need to make it happen without the headache.

Exclusivity Enabled

RQ supports any existing loyalty program, or can customize one for you, so you can show your repeat shoppers you care. Create distinct customer groups that allow you to build, maintain, and track your brand. It’s a thriving community fostered by you.

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