Many SKUs means a complicated back-end.

Your liquor store needs an all-encompassing retail management tool that can keep track of it all. Your business needs RQ.

We know that a large product catalog means a large storage room with many bottles to manage. But you're an expert, and need to offer it all! RQ makes it easy to fill the role of “product expert” with searchable product information, detailed SKUs, and in-depth analytics of what’s selling and what’s not.

Your store is overflowing with options, so let RQ’s robust inventory management system track it all and provide insights into trends that let you make the most of your precious shelf space.

Liquor Industry Benefit Points
Know Your Craft

RQ instills confidence in your staff. With product information at their fingertips (and fast!) your associates can lead any customer to find just what they’re looking for. You’ll have premium customer service on tap! 

Omnichannel Ready

Whether you have a third-party e-commerce platform or you’re needing the iQmetrix team to build one for you, RQ integrates with it all. What does this mean for you? It’s customer information, from in-store and online, when you need it.

Multi-Store Retail 

Used by retailers of all sizes, RQ not only enables your business’s growth, it scales alongside you. Whether you’re a 2 door retailer or you’ve got 4,000 stores in your empire, RQ has the retail tools you need to manage inventory across many locations. How awesome is that?

"RQ has done a lot for our client experience...

... No matter what store you buy from, we’re going to know who you are, your preferences and be able to give you the best possible experience.”

Mary Weimer, COO | Hillberg & Berk

Complete the Omnichannel Experience

Unified commerce is the next-generation retail technology you need.

Endless Aisle

With shelf space at a premium, you may not have everything in-store all the time. Display unique or luxury items without taking up your in-store space with these interactive touchscreens. Customizable with product information, meal pairing ideas, wine scores, and your branding, it’s the perfect sales assist.

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At iQmetrix, we have many experienced teams of experts, dedicated to your success. They’re goal is to help you through the launch process, after you’re up and running with RQ, and as your business grows.

POS Guide for Liquor Stores

POS Guide for Liquor Stores

So, you’ve decided your current POS is no longer cutting it. What now?

The search for a new point-of-sale all starts with asking the right questions. Want to know what you should be asking or your staff, your business, your vendors, and your new potential POS?

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