An all-encompassing POS doesn't have to be a hidden gem.

RQ is the point of sale and retail management solution built for jewelry retailers. Its powerful functionalities are ready to enable merchants to provide a next-level customer experience.

Successful jewelry retailing is all about locking in customer loyalty and that's all a matter of service. More than just a software, RQ ensures you have the entire iQmetrix team at your back; a strategic partner who is ready to grow and scale when you are.

Experience is Everything

Ensuring customers feel valued is the best way to breed loyalty and with targeted customer insights, you’ll have repeat customers—guaranteed. 

Omnichannel Ready

A seamless in-store and online experience is no longer just an option, it’s an expectation. With complementary solutions and integration into e-commerce sites, RQ makes it easy. 

Gold Standard in Reporting

Accurate forecasting has never been more within reach using actionable insights into what’s selling (and what isn’t). Stale inventory will be a thing of the past. 

Multi-Store Retail

Whether you have a handful of stores or 4,000+, RQ has the support you deserve and the tools you'll need when you're ready to scale and grow. 

More than 20,000 retail stores across
North America use RQ to power their business.


Understanding customers is essential for providing customized service. RQ lets you know customer preferences and transaction history so you can make helpful recommendations.


Forget the pen and paper! Bring repair services into the future with customizable flows that ensure any employee can confidently speak to the status of the fix.


Track your valuable merchandise from anywhere. Whether it's a repair, store transfer, or an online order, you have insight into where it is. 

Custom Order

RQ makes special orders easy. Create warranty reminders, take and track deposits, and allow associates to create sales orders that hold an item if a customer needs some time to think.

"RQ has done a lot for our client experience...

...No matter what store you buy from, we’re going to know who you are, your preferences, and be able to give you the best possible experience.”

Mary Weimer, COO Hillberg & Berk


Complete the Omnichannel Experience

Unified commerce is the next-generation retail technology you need.
iQmetrix Endless Aisle for Jewelry

Endless Aisle

Dazzle your customers. With shelf space at a premium, you may not have everything in-store all the time.

That's okay! Use interactive touchscreens to display unique or luxury items without taking up your in-store space. Endless Aisle is customizable to your product information, limited-time promotions, and recent additions to your product offering. You can also provide information about pieces to your customers, complete with GIA details for diamond specifications. It's everything your customer could want!

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Power in Numbers

From launch specialists to training and education experts to on-call product support, the iQmetrix team has your back every step of the way. Our people care about your business's success and as your strategic partner, we're with you for the long haul—for whatever you need.

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