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You’ve designed your homeware retail stores to offer customers a memorable in-store experience, and your POS should have the tools to help you deliver. 

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RQ Lowers the Learning Curve

The intuitive and user-friendly design of RQ empowers your retail team to serve customers faster, more effectively, and with greater confidence than ever before, in turn creating great experiences for your customers. Not only that, but new additions to your team can learn the RQ basics in no time, getting them out on the sales floor faster. 


More Than a POS

RQ isn't just your basic point of sale. It’s everything you need to manage and grow your homeware retail business, all in one system. Packed full of retail functionality including CRM, marketing & loyalty, inventory, accounting, employee management, advanced reporting, and so much more, you'll spend less time on the day-to-day and more time making the big decisions that earn profitable results. 

Easy to Use RQ iQmetrix

Analytics for Growth

RQ's reporting functionality gives you access to over 200 dashboard reports including real-time sales and inventory analytics. These insights can be accessed at anytime, from anywhere to help you improve your profits—even while you're not in-store. You'll also be able to provide increased store security with up-to-the-minute information about your stock, sales, and staff performance.


Omnichannel Ready

RQ integrates with third-party e-commerce solutions to provide a seamless experience for your customers whether they are interacting with you online or in-store. Using a touch screen kiosks to help customers navigate your product selection or providing a guarantee you'll always have what they're looking for with a fulfillment solution ensures shoppers are always satisfied. Giving customers what they want has never been so easy.

Omnichannel Ready

"RQ has done a lot for our client experience."

"No matter what store you buy from, we’re going to know who you are, your preferences and be able to give you the best possible experience.”

Mary Weimer, COO Hillberg and Berk

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