As an electronics retailer, you have to deal with fast-moving trends and a high volume of inventory.

This retail management and POS solution is strong enough to manage it all whether you have a handful of stores or 4,000+. Let RQ simplify inventory so you can focus on growing your business.

Electronics Industry Benefits
Computing the Numbers

Customers are always after the latest and greatest in technological updates—and a strong enough desire for these items is sure to spark growth in your bottom line. Ensure you’re accurately forecasting trends with automated reports that show you what’s selling and what isn’t. And you’ll always be stocked with what people want with insights right to your inbox. Staying on trend has never been so easy. 

Next-Gen Customer Service

Know what makes your customer tick with RQ’s complete customer profile, purchase history, preferences, and anything else that lets your team create a personalized service a shopper won’t soon forget. The rise of the RQ machine is helping you close even more sales. 

Omnichannel Ready

Whether you have a pre-built third-part e-commerce site or you’re needing the iQmetrix team to build one for you, RQ integrates with it all. You’ll have data, analytics, and information from any store, transaction, or profile when it matters most. 

More than 20,000 independent retail stores
across North America use RQ to power their business.

RQ Electronics Features

Automatic re-order prompts and generated purchase orders based on minimum stock levels allows you to always have what the customer is looking for. Quickly receive inventory and get it into the customer’s hands. 

Point of Sale

Electronic trends can change in a flash. Good thing RQ can too! You’ll be ready for new product SKUs, changes to pricing and promotions, and added items to provide associates with suggested selling so they can offer complementary items to the customer during the transaction. RQ lets you do it all!

Mobile POS System

Customers are busy browsing and want to see your items up close as they make their decision. Save them the trip to the terminal and bring the transaction to them! With mobile point of sale systems and iPad registers, you can meet the customer where they are at—literally. 

On Cloud Nine

With RQ, you get access to everything a cloud-based solution can offer from quick updates to the latest in developments to a bird’s-eye-view of each location, you’ll always be at the forefront—of tech and the competition.

"RQ has done a lot for our client experience...

...No matter what store you buy from, we’re going to know who you are, your preferences and be able to give you the best possible experience.”

Mary Weimer, COO Hillberg & Berk

POS Guide for Electronics Stores

So, you’ve decided your current POS is no longer cutting it when it comes to supporting your plans to grow your electronic stores and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Now what?

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