In the fast-moving beauty supply industry, effective retail tech is power. 

When your customers walk through your doors, they’re expecting the best because that’s who you are. With your extensive product expertise, go above and beyond with a next-level in-store experience that will keep customers coming back for more—beauty supply enthusiasts and cosmetic newbies alike.

Beauty POS
Beauty POS Benefits
Know Your Customer

RQ’s customizable CRM module allows capture of customer data so you can arm your sales associates with a shopper’s preferred brands, favorite products, and past purchases. With consumer information accessible across all channels, your customer will get the star treatment at every location they visit. 

Innovative In-Store Experience

RQmobile is the mobile point of sale that enables easy transaction completion from anywhere in store. Add complementary solutions like Endless Aisle for quick access to product information and you’ve created an unbeatable sales assist for associates. It’s the streamlined sales process your associates will love and your customers will appreciate. 

Omnichannel Ready

RQ is built to enable interconnected retail and integrates with third-party e-commerce solutions so you’re providing the best retail experience for your customers no matter where they shop. Be it online or in-store, you’ll become a beauty supply retail destination. 

More than 20,000 retail stores across
North America use RQ to power their business.


Have something to offer that isn’t a product? RQ’s got you covered! Keep track of appointments and service flows to keep things running smoothly. 


Since your goal is to keep customers coming back, RQ supports existing loyalty programs and has the capability to customize a new program to meet your needs. Create distinct customer groups that allow you to build, maintain, and track your brand.

Retail Analytics

Whether it’s the latest trends, hottest colors, or the must-have brands, you’ll know what’s selling and what’s not so you can always offer what your customers want—all thanks to robust and customizable reporting. 


Want full visibility into inventory across all channels? You got it. RQ’s advanced inventory module ensures you have a bird’s-eye view of stock with product specs at your fingertips so you’re always in the know. 

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