Large product management doesn’t have to mean a headache.

When you’re dealing with high-cost appliances, you need best-in-class inventory management to keep sales running smoothly.

RQ, our appliance store POS, makes it easy to serialize inventory so your appliance store business can offer the best in product and customer service. This all-encompassing retail software helps track and report on product movement and trends, optimizing the inventory mix and making your appliance business the first choice among consumers.

Appliances POS
Applicances POS Benefits
Multi-Location Appliance Retail

Used by retailers of all sizes, RQ not only enables your business’s growth, it scales alongside you. Whether you’re a 2-door retailer or you’ve got 4,000 stores in your empire, our appliance store POS software has the retail tools you need to control inventory across many locations. How awesome is that?

Serial Number Tracking

Account for all products and the individual level with in-depth records of sales histories, past service requests, and prompts if any serialized items are not identified in inventory counts. This helps you keep a pulse on your product and an eye on the future. 

Appliance Service and Repair

RQ’s full service and repair module help track appliance repairs and service requests with complete insight into the job status and parts used. Not only does this help streamline your appliance repairs and service requests, you’ll also be able to have full visibility of the status of the job, track parts used, track jobs at the customer level, and access to custom fields to let you customize the process flow to your individual needs.

Warranty Tracking

With products this important, ensuring they are always running is a key component to your success. Our appliance store point of sale enables management and tracking of appliance warranties for all sales and with the ability to bundle them with a specific product, you’ll always know what’s covered and what isn’t. And with programmable warranty reminders, say goodbye to the guessing game and hello to streamlined product management. always know what items are where. 

Appliances POS Appointments Security

More than 20,000 retail stores across
North America use RQ to power their business.

Sales Commission

With tracked commissions available at a glance and employee insight into their own commission earnings, they’ll be ready and willing to one-up their last interaction and create never-ending great experiences.

Reporting and Analytics

With over 200 automated reports and countless lines of game-changing data, our appliance store POS helps to keep everything in order. This not only ensures you’ve always got the details you need, it means every move you make is calculated and profitable.

Promotion Management

Create same-day and future appliance promotions and have them roll out in all locations when it’s time to sell. Integrated reporting ensures your ledgers reflect promotions adjustments to you’re seeing accurate revenue and gross profits.


When your customers they take the plunge, you can confidently take deposits for those customers who aren’t immediately paying in full, ensuring you’re capturing their sale.   

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