Viva Tracker

Connect Your Back-End Retail Systems in One Easy Platform

Telecom retailers rely on innovative technology to find business efficiencies, but often require a variety of software, systems, and platforms to complete the job. Viva Tracker seamlessly unites your back-end retail systems so you can manage your store with ease and track performance in real time, all under one single-sign-on platform.

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Integrated Retail Solutions

Viva Tracker Web-Based Application
Web-based Application
  • Viva Tracker is only accessed via a web browser — no software installations

  • Access your Viva Tracker RMS from anywhere

  • Super-fast transaction times — under two minutes

  • Branded customizations for your Viva Tracker home page: logos, videos, dashboards
Viva Tracker Employee Commissions
Employee Commissions
  • Viva Tracker’s employee commission module is open and flexible

  • Self-service module for basic models

  • Customizable advanced commission module
Viva Tracker Carrier Reconciliation
Carrier Reconciliation
  • Viva Tracker’s effortless reconciliation system means minimal effort for maximum return

  • Dedicated dispute module: all disputes to the carrier are conveniently tracked in one area
Viva Tracker Reporting
Reporting and Data
  • Viva Tracker’s powerful reporting tools give you all the data you need

  • Subscriptions allow you to receive specific reports when you need them

  • Keep track of customer callbacks

  • Partnership with ShopperTrak: imports consumer data into your Viva Tracker reports
Viva Tracker Punch Clock
Punch Clock and Scheduling

Advanced scheduling uses data to provide seamless automation

  • Shift swaps

  • Paid time off approvals

  • Automated scheduling
Viva Tracker Biometric Security
Biometric Security

Biometrics provide your company with added security by replacing passwords with fingerprints

  • Accurately track and prevent fraudulent punches and access.

  • Eliminate buddy punching”

  • Hold employees accountable

Let’s discuss how Viva Tracker can work for your retail operations.