Smart Schedules,
Happy Employees

Shiftlab is an intelligent scheduling platform designed for telecom retail businesses to optimize their workforce. Powerful yet easy to use, this AI-driven platform factors in sales and traffic data, identifies top-performing store associates and places them in prime shifts —increasing sales, reducing downtime, and boosting profits

Shiftlab Scheduling Platform
Shiftlab Scheduling Platform Performance

Schedule your top talent in prime shifts

Put your top performers where you need them most — during the busiest shifts.

Schedule with one click

Automated scheduling saves your managers hours every week and helps them control costs and minimize compliance risk, so they can provide a better experience to your employees.

Shiftlab has simplified our scheduling process. Automation gives our managers pre-built schedules based on sales patterns and top performers, increasing our profitability and reducing downtime significantly

Shawn Addington
AVP, Gateway Wireless

Data-Driven Employee Scheduling

Powerful reporting and analytics

Shiftlab’s dashboards share critical labor data, key decision criteria, and performance indicators, that allow all levels of the organization to assess the effectiveness of scheduling decisions.

Account for budgets and seasonality

Shiftlab’s Machine Learning engine automatically learns many types of time-based patterns and automatically adjusts for seasonality and holidays.

Stay compliant

Shiftlab helps retailers stay compliant around complex labor regulations including overtime and breaks.

Access schedules on the go

View and manage Shiftlab schedules from any device using the mobile app.

Automate schedules around days off and PTO preferences

Shiftlab factors in employee preferences and availability into every schedule.

Shiftlab offers a free 30-day trial to all iQmetrix clients