Retail POS Cash Management Software

Managing Cash from Customer to Carrier

The customer-retailer-carrier pathway isn’t the easiest to navigate, but doing so is essential to a successful telecom retail experience. Cash Management is a robust, comprehensive tool that works with an iQmetrix POS or your existing solutions. What does this mean for you? Managing money between the customer, your store, and your carrier has never been easier.

iQmetrix Cash Management
iQmetrix Cash Management

Authentication keeps you in the know

Rich permissions settings mean that everything is always logged. This makes sure that every experience is a positive one from beginning to end. Employee verification ensures staff only have the details they need to do their job well while dual verification and password protected areas create total security.

Multiple drawers, no problems

Whether you manage one location or many, it’s common to be tracking multiple payment terminal’s cashflows. With the Cash Management module, it’s easy for telecom retailers to manage multiple tills and cash drawers. Its one-screen view of all active tills makes checks and balances a breeze.

iQmetrix Cash Flow

Simple tracking of money movement

Tracking cash flow is a never-ending job but the ability to set prompts and alerts reduces tediousness and keeps you always in the loop. Employees are notified of cash flow duties upon login, and management can set alerts to remind staff to perform cash drops, blind counts, and more.


Improved Cash Management

Single or Multi-Drawer

Track, compare, report on, and audit tills. With a multi-drawer functionality, authorized employees can dig into the details and help ensure skims, deposits, and floats are accurate.

Cash In and Cash Out

At the beginning and end of the sales day, managers or permitted employees can open and close tills with counts that are visible or blind. It’s total streamlined security.

Configurable Floats

Not having cash on-site can be a nightmare scenario. Don’t miss out on a single sale and determine starting till amounts and denominations so every customer can be served.

Internal Security Controls

Prevent fraud and theft with robust employee verification. Sensitive cash areas are asked for dual authentication from a second employee to everything is in order.

Cash Skim

During the day, having a full till can be stressful. Periodically move money to a safe place so staff is at ease until a deposit can be made.


Forcing cash in, cash out, and cash skims at certain times in a retail day to ensure cash levels are maintained and tills aren’t overwhelmed with funds.

Drawer and Cash Audits

If you need to know what money is where it’s never been easier to do so. No matter why you need drawer data, it’s easily accessible.

Cash Reporting

Audit trails, reports, and employee data are all reconcilable. Cash out to bank statements is always tracked so you can be sure the right money made it to the right hands.

Are you ready to effectively manage cash flow?