Contactless Payment Software for Telecom

Experience the Contactless Convenience of Remote Pay

This form of touchless payment enables customers to pay for in-store purchases without a traditional payment terminal. Whether they want a distanced payment process or want to speed up the retail experience and complete the transaction on their own, remote pay functionality provides that efficient convenience.

iQmetrix Contactless Payment

Save money on hardware

In a busy telecom store, there are multiple transactions to process at once. Remote Pay reduces hardware costs by eliminating the dependency on physical terminals. A customer uses their device to complete contactless payment as soon as they’re ready.

Fast, efficient transactions

Remote Pay can also enable retailers to speed up the telecom transaction for the customer. If all payment terminals are in use, iQmetrix’s remote payment functionality allows customers to complete the sale without waiting for one to become available. The power to pay is in their hands.

An Essential Addition to Omnichannel Retail Strategies

iQmetrix Remote Pay
RQ Payment Flow

Using remote payment functionality won’t impact your payment process. Simply select Remote Pay as the payment method at checkout in RQ or RQmobile to enable it.

iQmetrix Remote Pay
Distanced, Flexible Payments

By selecting this functionality at checkout, a customer will get an email or text with a link to complete payment, when and where they want.

iQmetrix Remote Pay
Transactional Efficiency

Asking customers only for necessary transactional details, Remote Pay completes the touchless transaction in as little time as possible.


Contactless, Mobile-First Payments

Remote Pay leverages mobile technology to enable flexible, contactless payments for today’s modern telecom consumer. As powerful as physical payment terminals, remote payment functionality lets associates provide elevated customer service supported by industry-leading transactional features. 

Multiple Payment Options

Customers shouldn’t have to guess when it comes to what is and isn’t accepted for remote payments. Mobile payment options — like Google Pay and Apple Pay — and major credit cards are accepted.

POS Integration

Remote Pay transactions are processed the same as other payment methods in both RQ and RQmobile payment flows. Go through the payment steps as usual, then easily send the payment link to the customer’s device.

PCI Compliance

As a PCI compliant software, credit card data used in Remote Pay does not pass through a merchant system. Data goes from the customer’s mobile device — using a web form, Apple Pay, or Google Pay — to our PCI zone, ensuring all payments are secure.

iQmetrix Remote Pay Sales Orders

Remote Pay Sales Orders

Remote Pay offers flexible payment methods for retailers who sell directly to other businesses. When a sales order is submitted, the retailer can use Remote Pay to request payment from their B2B (business-to-business) customer, who can then pay for an order remotely and on a schedule that works for them.

Payments made in response to a request will be applied as deposits to sales orders, and have an expiry date set far into the future so no interruptions to either business occur. Not only that, but with this sales orders functionality, Remote Pay keeps all transactional data in RQ so there is always a single, maintained source of sales truth.

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