Integrated Payment Solutions for Telecom

Fast, Secure, Integrated Telecom Transactions

With powerful payment technology that integrates with the entire iQmetrix product ecosystem, telecom retailers can enjoy automated reconciliation and transparent reporting while offering customers instant bill payments and faster checkouts.

iQmetrix Integrated Payments
iQmetrix RMS

Experience the connectivity of full integration

Automate the check-out flow, reduce human error, and reconcile with ease. Connected workstations that operate in tandem with payment terminals mean that transactional data is always the same across the board. Processing payments has never been more streamlined.

Quick resolution through one point of contact

When your payments processing is connected to your point of sale, you’ll always know who to lean on for support. Whether you’re looking to set up new payment methods, calibrate new hardware, or troubleshoot a technical issue, you won’t be bounced back and forth between various vendors. iQmetrix is the one point of contact you need to keep your payment solutions running smoothly.

iQmetrix Payments PCI Compliance

The power of PCI with none of the complexities

End-to-end encryption means maintaining PCI compliance is simple. While complex back-end services are necessary to power secure transactions, telecom retailers benefit from a 90% PCI scope reduction which also eliminates the potential that your retail store owes non-compliance fees.

Curious how our payment solutions can integrate with your systems?