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A Powerful Online Presence Drives Cross-Platform Sales

When it comes to creating lasting customer relationships, having the right products at the right price is just the beginning. The iQmetrix eCommerce platform creates a connected retail ecosystem so your business is present where your audience is searching. Whether they prefer to research online and then come in-store, or wish to go through the entire transaction online, eCommerce connects customer needs with your retail store’s solutions.

iQmetrix Ecommerce Solutions
iQmetrix Omnichannel Solutions

Managed omnichannel in a centralized system

eCommerce from iQmetrix is anything but a silo. Integration with existing platforms means a single source of truth for all retail channels. Customer data, product availability and pricing, and more are housed in one database so experiences are always frictionless, no matter the retail touchpoint.

Broaden your base with a wider audience

Attracting new customers is a numbers game. eCommerce allows your business to be prominently displayed whenever shoppers are searching. Having a powerful online presence puts your offering front and center, and ensures that everyone knows your business has the what they’re looking for. 

iQmetrix Ecommerce Reserve Online

Drive in-store visits, sales, and profitability

eCommerce bridges online and in-store experiences by offering buy or reserve online, pick up in-store (BOPIS and ROPIS). Customers can find a product they love on your website and come in store to buy so they don’t miss out on the exceptional service your brand is known for.

Be the first choice among fierce competition

iQmetrix eCommerce, paired with integrations like Pointy from Google, ensures that local shoppers are choosing your business before going to a big-name retailer or online marketplace. With these tools, your store is seen first and captures sales otherwise lost to e-commerce giants


Deploy a Better Digital Platform

Widen your reach without cumbersome maintenance. Different from other e-commerce solutions, iQmetrix’s eCommrece is built with telecom retailers in mind.

Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store

Also known as BOPIS, this enables customers to purchase products online and pick them up in-store. This saves your business shipping costs and provides a great retail experience for the customer.

Reserve Online, Pick Up In-Store

This feature, ROPIS, lets customers reserve an accessory or device through eCommerce then pick up and pay for the item in-store. This bridges the convenience of online retail with the service of in-store shopping.

Buy Online, Return In-Store

Providing customers with seamless return systems, like BORIS, give shoppers peace of mind that they won’t be stuck with an item that doesn’t work. It also increases the likelihood that they’ll shop with your store.

Curbside Pickup

This convenient retail method can leverage BOPIS and ROPIS flows to complete transactions quickly. Customers who have minimal time to shop can buy or reserve and pick up the item without having to go in-store.

Consistent Company Branding

Websites powered by eCommerce always align with the company brand. Whether it’s mandated by the carrier or it’s unique to your business, eCommerce ensures experiences are the same online as they are in-store.

Robust Online Presence

Easy to maintain, eCommerce enables your business to widen its reach. Our APIs and integrations capture your in-store excellence in an online site and the user-friendly interface can be developed from a template or custom-built to meet your unique needs.

Are you ready to leverage a powerful online presence?