Omnichannel Retail Solutions for Telecom

Bridge Your In-Store and Online Customer Experience

What was once a nice-to-have has now become a telecom retail essential. Omnichannel solutions connect the ease of online, digital retail touchpoints to the personalized nature of in-store experiences. Not only are customer expectations met with omnichannel, but unified processes also allow retailers to provide seamless channels with buy, pickup, or return anywhere.

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iQmetrix Omnichannel
Create a unified customer experience

Integrate your retail management and point-of-sale solution with a robust e-commerce platform to allow your customers to move across channels seamlessly. No matter where they shop, they’ll know what to expect and you can always deliver.

Increase online and in-store sales

Omnichannel solutions allow customers to buy when, where, and how they want whether they prefer to purchase in-store, online, or using their mobile device. Not only can your customers shop more easily, but fewer purchase barriers mean they’re likely to buy more.

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Complete your fulfillment strategy

A powerful fulfillment offering means letting customers buy, reserve, ship, and return in a way that is convenient for them. When they can mix-and-match their perfect fulfillment path, it means you’ve achieved total omnichannel.

Reduce physical contact points while improving customer experience

When leveraged correctly, omnichannel solutions can remove purchase barriers and improve in-store distancing while capturing more sales. Virtual queueing and curbside pickup are just a few of the omnichannel retail methods that give telecom retailers a competitive edge.

increase online and in store

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Strengthen Your Omnichannel Processes

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Remote Pay

Reduce contact points, offset hardware costs, and speed up the transaction by allowing customers to pay for their in-store purchase on their mobile device with remote payment functionality.

BOPIS, ROPIS, and Curbside

Buy or Reserve Online, Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS + ROPIS) and curbside pickup are e-commerce integrations where customers can buy or reserve products or devices online. They then visit your stores to pick up or activate their item, with confidence.

Brand Channel Management

Align your products, naming, pricing, and promotional offers over every branded touchpoint including corporate, authorized, and online channels. You can even launch a new product or promotion across all locations instantly, with the push of a button.

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Return Anywhere

A truly unified brand experience means carrier and authorized retailer stores are indistinguishable to the customer. Not just aesthetic, Return Anywhere provides customers with ease and convenience when they can bring an item back to any branded store.


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When COVID hit, we were doubly glad we were on iQmetrix’s mobile solution. It gave us quite a bit of flexibility and we were able to take advantage of several of the omnichannel and touchless opportunities beyond mobile POS that iQmetrix offers, such as buy online, pick up in-store; remote payment functionality; tap to pay; and curbside pickup. Through our partnership with iQmetrix, we’ve been able to evolve and really flourish through this difficult time.

Frank Gumino, CIO of The Cellular Connection (TCC) + Wireless Zone
1,200+ locations Verizon Authorized Retailer




Explore the Award-Winning Omnichannel Suite

iQmetrix has been named the Business App of the Year in the 2020 Mobile Breakthrough Awards. The omnichannel suite of products was developed as part of a rapid response to the changes in the telecom retail landscape caused by COVID-19. iQmetrix is proud to have been selected as an award winner alongside so many other industry leaders.

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Telecom is Complicated

Success in the face of changing consumer expectations and intense competition hinges on the ability to be agile, forward-thinking, and informed to make intelligent decisions. Select your business type to see how iQmetrix solutions can help you achieve your goals. 

iQmetrix Solutions

Deliver customer experiences that are world-class while your competition settles.

Retail Management

Increase operational efficiencies with strong back-of-house solutions covering multi-channel inventory management, data & analytics, employee performance, commissions, reconciliations, and more.

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Improve transactions times and provide a better experience for your sales associates and customers with our easy to use front-of-house solutions, including POS, mobile POS, payment processing, and contactless payments.

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Connect to powerful payments with seamless integration. Enjoy faster checkouts, automated reconciliation, and transparent reporting.

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Carrier Bridge

Unify your customer experience through omnichannel solutions like in-store pickup, BOPIS, ROPIS, and Return Anywhere. Integrate with iQmetrix’s RMS to optimize corporate and authorized retailer locations, and achieve consistent inventory, pricing, and promotions with brand channel management.

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Integrations Platform

Efficiency is created when you integrate systems to work better together. There is no one-size fits all solutions for every business.

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Enterprise Services

Build custom integrations for any area of your ecosystem in ways that a third-party doesn’t have access to, including custom endpoints.

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