RMS Inventory Management & Supply Chain Software

The Right Inventory in the Right Place at the Right Time

Effective inventory management is all about having it right: the product, the timing, and the pricing need to be aligned to be able to achieve telecom success. The iQmetrix Inventory Management & Supply Chain solution effectively controls telecom stock.

iQmetrix Inventory Management Solutions

Centrally managed

iQmetrix offers advanced inventory management through a complete retail management solution or as an integration into your existing tech stack. No matter your needs, iQmetrix’s inventory management solution is centrally managed across all platforms and channels: a truly unified inventory operation.

Real-time visibility

Cross-channel visibility is non-negotiable. Carriers and authorized retailers alike need real-time updates on stock levels in-store, online, in the warehouse, and at any location. Pair that with a robust multi-database management process with product information maintained at an industry level, and customers will know your business will always have what they need.

iQmetrix Serialized Inventory Management

Stay up to date, serialized or not

Let us handle the tedious back-end necessities while you focus on creating in-store success. The iQmetrix inventory module manages the product life-cycle from end-to-end, keeping you and your stores in the know the whole time. From product shipment to system updates to estimated arrival to who sold what (and when), serialized and non-serialized inventory is always taken care of.

System communication made easy with integrations

No matter if you deal with one store or many, telecom businesses have a lot on the go. Powerful integrations help retailers of all sizes manage vendors, inventory, purchase orders, fulfillment services, forecasting, and more. Adding to your offering is simple with integrations for Dropship, to connect carrier and retailer stores, and to enable omnichannel solutions like e-commerce, BOPIS, and ROPIS.

We have a better sense of not only where our inventory is, but also the velocity of sell-through.

JT Thome
COO, Celular Sales


Inventory and Supply Chain Management Features

Serialized Inventory

Products always have associated costs and life-cycle tracking which reduces errors and prevents fraud and theft.

Inventory Catalog

Add, remove, update, and categorize product inventory across locations near-instantly. User product tracking for sellable, non-sellable, on-hand, damaged, trade-ins, and more.

Inventory Counts

Follow the product cycle and manage physical counts by category. Whether a count is blind, is balanced, or if there are discrepancies, adjustments are easily made on the desktop or mobile apps.

Ordering & Purchasing

Ordering manually, automated, and serialized is all done from one module. From here, you can also adjust, be notified, or reconcile costs and purchase orders.

Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs)

Schedule shipment of inventory back when it’s not needed no matter if it’s a customer return or a pullback.

Inventory Transfers

Balance the movement of products between locations. Tracked manual or automated store-to-store transfers ensure no one is out-of-stock.

Inventory Forecasting

Determine your min/​max or leverage vendor forecasts while balancing dictated carrier stock levels for devices and accessories. VMI, exported data, and integrations all work to protect retailers from being without the right items to sell.

Supply Chain Integrations

Moving inventory doesn’t have to be complicated. Ship from store to customer, VMI, Dropship, BOPIS, ROPIS, integrated RMS, Brand Channel Management, and Return Anywhere make supply chains frictionless.


Canned and custom, reports are whatever you need them to be. Schedule report so all stakeholders are always informed of the health, age, life-cycle stage, transaction history, and who handled what product.


  • How can you make inventory easy if I have multiple locations?

    RQ offers you the ability to see stock and adjust levels remotely. From one location, you can view purchase orders, set min/​max numbers, optimize VMI, and keep track of store-to-store transfers. It’s all in one program!

  • Do I have to manually enter inventory information?

    No way. You can set up an automated vendor-managed inventory integration with your vendor, or upload inventory via spreadsheets. And with our Inventory Catalog, it’s easy to add, remove, update, and categorize product inventory across locations near-instantaneously. 

  • Do you support online orders integrating into RQ?

    Yes. We have various Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store or Reserve Online Pickup In-Store integration options depending on your online service provider. As long as inventory is stored centrally within the RQ system, your inventory totals will be automatically reflected online as well.

  • Do you allow customers to order out-of-stock product to be shipped directly to them when available?

    Yes. We call this integration Dropship. Customers can buy virtual and in-stock product all in one invoice and through integrations to our vendors, product can be shipped directly from the vendor to the customer without inventory ever changing hands.

  • Can I order directly from the POS based on inventory alerts and reports?

    Absolutely. We allow you to set minimum and maximum inventory levels with associated reports all by vendor for quick and easy ordering.

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