APIs and Integrations for Telecom

Connected Solutions Power Telecom

Telecom retailers aren’t using a single solution. Day-to-day, stores are using multiple platforms to complete the transactions that build up a brand and keep customers satisfied. True omnichannel is supported with iQmetrix APIs and Integrations. These connectors help to bridge gaps in solutions to ensure systems work together and iQmetrix manages the technical leg work for you.

iQmetrix Omnichannel Solutions

Efficiency and automation

Connected systems creates a higher level of communication across platforms. Connectivity ensures fewer human errors, reduced manual work, and elevated efficiency in one location and across an entire business.

Consistent customer experiences

When data is unified, associates can ensure they have every customer detail when and where they need it. No matter the show a shopper enters, they’ll trust that your brand knows them, and their needs, well.

iQmetrix Omnichannel Solutions

Unify systems through integration

Data unity means a one version of the truth. When systems communicate, no store is left using outdated data or multiple platforms when a single screen will do.

Enable transactions everywhere

When associates aren’t tied to the terminal, your business has a wider arm to reach customers. Connected solutions modernize processes, enable flexibility to meet customer expectations, and support businesses in updating their tech stack.

iQmetrix Carrier Integrations

Carrier Integrations with iQmetrix

Connecting carrier and authorized retailer systems is essential to effectively reconcile product, manage cashflow, and serve customers. Using platform APIs, iQmetrix can support both American and Canadian carrier integrations with the RQ retail management and point-of-sale-solution.


Supported by APIs, Built for Telecom

As an RQ user, your business has access to these API-supported functions which can easily integrate with the POS and retail management system.

Content Management

Consistency in product, promotion, and data is important for all stores. Manage and share product information across all platforms.


Cross-system updates mean customers are getting the information on the right product, price, and promotion, every time.

Operations Management

Access back-office flows like inventory, cash management, transfers, and more. Back-office efficiency powers front-line success.

Third-Party Identification

Single-sign-on means associates can log into RQ with the same credentials as other platforms.

Customer Managed Inventory

Automatically create purchase orders without manual labor or shipment error.

E-Commerce Integration

Online retail is no longer a nice to have, it’s expected by customers. Ensure your in-store excellence is captured in online transactions.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Avoid redundant processes for better management and visibility of inventory and reporting in a single source of truth.

Accounting Integration

Transactions from RQ in your accounting system are recorded with financials and commissions data tracked in real-time.

The Technical Details Behind It All

Connecting systems isn’t easy, but our APIs unwind the web of systems to create a clear path of communication.

Micro Service Architecture

Our platform is a collection of highly specialized micro services that, when used together, provide a full range of functionality. These services can be used in various combinations to create great experiences for all employees, no matter the role.

Azure Service Bus for Internal Integration

Azure further bridges the gap between services using a Service Bus. Integration means multiple applications on the back-end to provide a single, cohesive service on the front-end. A Service Bus will deploy a message or update to one area without affecting the entire front-end platform.

Azure Website for Scalability

We have implemented auto-scaling strategies in Azure so that no matter your level of activity (even during peak hours) connections meet your needs. Whether you’re preparing for the Back-to-School rush, Black Friday crowds, of the holiday season — we’ve got you covered!


  • How can systems keep customer information current?

    iQmetrix connectors ensure that all customer information and data is pulled from RQ to keep it centralized, accurate, and accessible.

  • Do systems keep track of inventory levels across platforms?

    Yes, inventory management is centralized and accessible. You can also enable Customer Managed Inventory (CMI) to automate inventory management and PO creation.

  • What happens if sales associates shouldn’t access certain systems?

    iQmetrix APIs offer Security Role management so employees only have access to the information and data they need.

  • Is there a service that helps me stay top of mind with customers?

    Yes, beyond traditional marketing APIs, we offer connections for Store Locator which helps current and prospective customers know where you’re located.

Are you ready for a complete view of your customers?