Software Integrations for Telecom

Communicating Systems Mean Greater Accuracy

If you’re looking to have current, future, carrier, and authorized retailer systems work together, your business needs state-of-the-art integrations to open lines of communication. With both standard APIS and custom connectors, leverage our integration services to ensure all systems, processes, and people can communicate without error.

iQmetrix Software Integrations
iQmetrix APIs

Robust integrations easily detangle system webs

Backed by our team of experts, developing intelligent integrations can bridge the gaps between systems. Spread your business functions across a variety of valuable services that are just right for your business and iQmetrix can map the best pathway for open communication. 

Customized to fit every retailers integration needs

Every telecom business is different and should have access to integrations services to match. To support every aspect of your unique strategies, iQmetrix can build integrations that are suited to your business. It’s exactly what you need to capture continued success. 

Streamlined processes but more data

When systems are integrated, there is constant communication. What does this mean for your business? Solutions that communicate can pull together large amounts of data from multiple sources in a conglomeration. This means your telecom business insights at the ready to make data-driven decisions.

Built on reliable technology

We’re setting up integrations using a robust, reusable, tested, and established core. We have the experience, technology, and architecture, that’s well established. We aren’t building custom integrations that are untested, on underdeveloped technology. You will get supportability, reliability, and maintainability. 


  • What is a custom integration?

    Custom integrations are to integrate two systems (iQmetrix with an external system) to fulfil a business, operational, or technical need that iQmetrix or our Partners does not support out of the box. In some cases, we act as the middleware connecting both systems together in other cases we create and expose APIs for an external system utilize to complete the integration.

  • What custom integration services does iQmetrix offer?

    iQmetrix is proud to provide custom connections and maintain the connection to external systems using our products and/​or custom solutions. We can integrate with applications that are custom-built, acquired from a third-party, part of a legacy system, or a combination thereof, operating in multiple tiers of different operating system platforms.

  • How much does a custom integration cost?

    The cost of this service is entirely dependent on the API. To obtain pricing information, please reach out to your client manager or fill out our form, below.

  • How do your custom integration APIs work?

    In some cases, we act as the middleware, connecting both systems together and in other cases we create and expose APIs for an external system utilize to complete the integration.

  • I’m an iQmetrix client. Do I have the technical resources to fulfil a custom integration?

    If you don’t have the technical resources we can act as the middleware connecting both systems together.

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