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Empowered Associates Empower Profits

Whether they’re on the front lines or working behind the scenes, employees are what make telecom retail businesses successful. Increasing engagement starts with a module that creates and edits employee profiles, groups, security roles, commissions, attendance, schedule, reporting, and more. It gives employees the confidence that their efforts to go above and beyond will not go unnoticed.

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Efficient management of current employees

The nature of retail is that staff come and go. Employee Management uses both manual and automated processes that make updating staff records easy. From third-party authentication to easy disablement of employee status, onboarding and offboarding staff has never been this smooth.


Strategic scheduling means effective staffing

Customers expect expert service when they come in-store. Peak hours or not, they want to be served promptly. This is only possible with the right number of staff with the best skills to do the job well. Import schedules with simple weekly and monthly views so staff always know when they're working.



Technology enables an elevated experience

When employees can spend less time behind a screen and more time finding solutions to customer’s problems, they can be the building blocks that support a profitable customer relationship. An employee-centric platform means your staff aren't blocked by learning curves.


Employees are also brand ambassadors

A retail store is more than just a purchase point, its where customers come for an experience. When a solution can ensure consistent product, customer information, promotion, and pricing, across locations, a great experience becomes synonymous with your brand.

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Supported Employees Build Better Relationships

When telecom retailers have access to the right data, insights, and information, they're able to provide an elevated, personalized experience. They'll be able to let the software work for them while they work for your customers.


Auto-track tiered commissions by percentage margin and gross sales. Employees can view levels to stay motivated to provide excellent service when selling.

Punch Clock

Employees stay accountable without feeling micromanaged. Secure and accurate with optional biometrics mean tracking employee movements is easy.


The Employee Management module in RQ provide real-time insight on payroll, clocked hours, revision history, timesheet approval, time off requests, and more.

Employee Profiles

Easily create, update, add to, or remove profiles based on your needs. All vital information that is relevant to an employee’s work is stored here.

Third-Party Integration

Leveraging multiple systems means you’re always getting the best support. iQmetrix integrates with third-party applications and solutions so you have a connected platform.

Security Role Setup

Sensitive information is kept under lock, key, and fingerprint. Employees only have access to the details they need to do their job well.

Powering a Connected Experience in Wireless

Wireless retailers work in an ever-changing, always evolving industry, and need to constantly stay up-to-date in every which way.


Can I set goals for my stores and employees? If so, can I track those automatically?

Yes. We allow the ability to easily see store and sales person performance as well as setup performance groups to track progress against or even setup sales contests for your team easily viewed through sales and milestone widgets. 

How does my team see individual sales? Do they have to log in each time?

Each employee should have their own login to RQ based on their security level. They can login via their username and password or with a biometric scanner. We also have an app for mobile devices called myRQ to view sales information on the go.

Can I access Employee Management remotely? If so, how?

Yes, there are a number of ways you can access the system remotely. Either with RQ installed locally to your desktop, with the myRQ app on your mobile device, or by accessing our Hub central management system. Each have varying functionality depending on your security role and what you are trying to achieve from sales information to inventory management or employee information. 

Do you offer custom fields that are both searchable and exportable?

Yes. RQ is very customizable so you can get the most out of the system tailored to your business. We have a search function on the home screen that allows you to search anything imaginable – from an invoice number, product sku, customer, etc. And every report can easily be exported in excel. But we try our best to make it so that you don’t even need to with customizable reporting, filtering, and sorting options!  

Want to streamline employee management?

Want to streamline employee management?

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