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Modern Retail Demands a Digital Presence

While no two telecom businesses are the same, every retailer needs to be connected by a powerful online platform. Customers are often turning to e-commerce platforms even if their end purchase happens in-store. With iQmetrix’s eCommerce solution, bringing online and in-store together has never been easier.

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The Future of Telecom is Omnichannel Enablement

A consistent brand experience is key in creating a cohesive omnichannel retail environment. When systems work together, the customer journey is smooth, no matter the path it takes. The omnichannel eCommerce platform seamlessly integrates with RQ to build a strong extension of your retail brand.


Automated Updates Bring Customer Awareness

It’s not enough to have an online presence, you have to maintain it. eCommerce makes it easy to update products, pricing, and availability which means customers can be confident you have what they need. With eCommerce in your toolkit, you'll be ready for every customer. 



Integrated Systems Work for Your Business

Remove the swivel chair with system connectivity. Integration ensures a single view of your store’s truth. Customer information, preferences, and previous purchases can all be centrally accessed so you can create a customized experience from every touchpoint.


Elevate Revenue Potential by Meeting Customers Anywhere

When the customer feels supported across channels, they’re most likely to shop with your store again and again. Widen your revenue stream with eCommerce to bring in eager customers no matter where they prefer to shop.



Product Variations

An eCommerce Package for Every Business 

There are many ways to enable eCommerce. iQmetrix offers three distinct packages that meet the needs of your unique telecom operation.

Basic Package

Want online availability? Showcase your products and services online so customers know what you offer before visiting your store. The Basic Package provides you with a full, online product library without the e-commerce flows.

Essential Package

If you’re looking to open your revenue channels, this package does the trick. Our team will provide an out of the box e-commerce site complete with your customized product library and the ability to transact online.

Ultimate Package

Looking for something more tailor-made? Our eCommerce team will work alongside your retail experts to build exactly what they need to perform at their best. From custom workflows to personalized specs, this package is one-of-a-kind.


Deploy a Better Digital Platform

Widen your reach without cumbersome maintenance. Different from other e-commerce solutions, iQmetrix's eCommrece is built with telecom retailers in mind. 

Product Library

Manufacturer approved images, specs, color options, device options are always up to date in this integrated, cross-location library

Centrally Managed Pricing

Whether you’re making additions or updates, pricing changes are deployed across all applicable locations in real-time.


Launch powerful, influential campaigns across multiple channels so every store is pushing the right message.

Omnichannel Integration

Customers can shop exactly how they want when you offer BOPIS, BORIS, ROPIS, Curbside Pickup, and Dropship.

Recommended Products

Customer browsing history is logged so you can provide the best suggested products to enhance their purchase experience.

Why eCommerce?

Wireless World, a US-based Verizon authorized retailer, leveraged iQmetrix eCommerce solutions to boost their online revenue. Across 48 locations, the retailer experienced:

276 reserve online, pick up in-store (ROPIS) orders

55% of ROPIS orders were new customers

This all happened in a short 6-month period and was a huge success for Wireless World as they transitioned to leaning more heavily on digital solutions.

US ecommerce sales jumped 49% in April 2020 compared to March of the same year, and it will only continue to grow

Ecommerce as a share of overall commerce has grown as much in 8 weeks (Feb – April 2020) as it did in the previous 10 years

Ecommerce accounts for 27% of all US retail sales as of April 2020.

Powering a Connected Experience in Wireless

Wireless retailers work in an ever-changing, always evolving industry, and need to constantly stay up-to-date in every which way.

Are you ready to build your online presence?

Are you ready to build your online presence?

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