Carrier Activation POS Integration Software for Telecom

Integrated Activations Save Time and Reduce Errors

Activating mobile devices is time consuming and if associates are tasked with dual entry in multiple platforms during this process, then details are sure to get confused and transactions times drawn out even longer. Our Carrier Activation integration connects your carrier portal with RQ to automatically sync data to the POS at the time of the transaction. This one integration removes barriers to efficiency allowing for faster reconciliation while also reducing the opportunity for fraud.

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Reconcile quickly with confidence

When RQ is synced with the carrier activation portal, discrepancies are few and far between. If an error does arise, it’s easily noticeable, making reconciliation a minute’s worth of work rather than a weekend of comparing lists. Take back your after-hours with a reduced workload, accurate employee commissions, and seamless reconciliation of carrier compensation.

Reduce purposeful fraud and costly mistakes

No matter the retailer, every brand is subject to the threat of fraud. Incorrectly entered or purposefully fraudulent activations can mean you’re left paying more than you bargained for. No manual entry means retailers aren't paying un-earned commissions or stuck reimbursing customers for overcharged rate plans. Sales aren’t inflated, commissions aren’t fraudulently boosted, and no one loses money.

Faster transactions with no duplication

Fewer clicks and more automation means increased activation speeds. Carrier Activation allows RQ to access carrier, product, and customer information to quickly activate a new device through one database. Not only does this improve the activation process, but also frees up associates to spend more time with customers.

Greater cross-system accuracy

Carrier Activation reduces the need for duplicate entry. When details are entered into the carrier activation portal, they are automatically updated in RQ. Customer data, rate plans, pricing, and more are all pulled for the associate which ensures exact matches in data in every system and more powerful reporting at the day’s end.


Carrier Activation Integrated with your POS

Centralized Customer Data

With no need for dual entry, associates have one source of customer truth from the carrier portal to the RQ database. Duplicate entries aren’t needed and data is always consistent

Frictionless Reconciliation

This integration saves retailers hours of manual comparisons, improves accuracy in employee commission, and makes the carrier compensation reconciliation process easy

Inventory Management

Integration from the carrier portal to RQ means inventory is always up to date. Phone details, IMEI, ENS, mobile number, and SIM ICCIDs are in RQ to easily track levels.

Rate Plan and Price Sheet Management

Less room for errors stems from automatic invoice pricing which simplifies price sheet maintenance. Data is pulled in from the carrier portal and updated on the invoice in real-time.

Assisted Setup

Instructions are included in detailed help files and for even greater support, setup experts are available to set your business up with carrier activation integrations as soon as possible.

Success Stories

When used consistently, Carrier Activation can generate a 98% reconciliation rate.

Carrier Activation reduces discrepancies to be less than 2% when the carrier integration is used consistently.

For a 100-store retailer, Carrier Activation could decrease monthly discrepancies from $562,500 to $45,000.

Preventing 10 false activations can save a retailer at least $1,500 per month.

Carrier Activation saves business owners hours of manual entry. One retailer, who was an active user of the integration, said that “I got my weekends back” by using this solution.

Powering a Connected Experience in Telecom

Telecom retailers work in an ever-changing, always evolving industry, and need to constantly stay up-to-date in every which way.

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