RQ Solutions

RQ Solutions

The RQ Retail Management system provides all the features necessary to manage and streamline the core functions of the business, including POS, CRM, Inventory Management, HR and Accounting, while also providing innovative applications to accelerate profits including Marketing, Advanced Reporting and Analytics, and Sales and Service Automation.


An intuitive interface design allows retail staff to serve customers faster and more effectively than ever before, enhancing the customer experience and freeing up time to serve others. For wireless retailers, you can integrate your carrier's activation system and automate payment processing to save time and increase accuracy.


Build a client's complete history with your retail enterprise through every transaction using RQ. Data is accessible across your organization to ensure that your customers receive the same level of personalized service at every touch point.


Create a real-time audit trail that determines an item's exact location at any time. Centrally managed stock balancing, regional optimization and automated ordering ensure that you are always responsive to customer needs.

Accounting & Reconciliation

Keep precise accounting of deposits, purchases, credits and RMAs. RQ tracks and auto-reconciles carrier and vendor commissions and produces accurate reports.

Widget Library

Choose from a variety of widgets to tailor a home page that places information and valuable tools right at your fingertips: from custom reports to local weather. Personalize your workspace to suit your personal style and job requirements.


Keep yourself (and your team) up to date on every aspect of your business with RQ's advanced reporting and analytics. Facts and figures are collected, analyzed and presented with clarity on Store, Executive and Productivity Dashboards.

HR Module

Save time scheduling staff with baseline scheduling templates and online schedule change requests. Track sick days, requested holidays and staff availability to easily match your resources with store requirements.


Centralize internal communication through the Intranet to ensure that staff is getting the right information in a timely manner. Your staff can use the Intranet to check schedules, see the latest promotions and products, and other pertinent business news.

Marketing & Customer Retention Module

Deliver cost-effective, targeted marketing through a variety of campaign types: e-mail, direct mail and telephone. Contact the right clients about upcoming promotions, warranty expirations or new product releases.

Service Automation Package

Take care of customer service requests in a quick and efficient manner using RQ tools such as service request management, warranty loaner module and service reporting.

Sales Force Automation Package

Advanced sales reporting makes RQ a requirement for developing a successful corporate sales team. Target the right prospects at the right time, measure the strength of your sales funnel, and stay in constant contact with real-time reporting.

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