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iQmetrix Endless Aisle

Don’t let limited stock hold you back! iQmetrix Endless Aisle is an interactive touchscreen that allows your in-store customers to browse and buy a wide variety of virtual merchandise.

See it in Action

Samsung Launches Endless Aisle to Complete Their Omnichannel Experience

See how Samsung and their retail partners use endless aisle to make sure their customers get every item that they want. iQmetrix Endless Aisle integrates directly with their POS to ensure a seamless transaction.



Offer More

Virtually extend your shelf space without risk. Endless Aisle and Dropship are the dynamic duo that will prevent you from missing out on a sale!


Optimize Retail Space

Turn your store into a destination and strengthen your brand's community by optimizing your retail space.


Empower Sales Staff

Empower sales staff by keeping them current on detailed product info; increasing their opportunities to engage customers, and ultimately, sell more.

Built for the Wireless Industry

  • Sales reps can use Endless Aisle to walk customers through different products and specifications as well as compare products and rate plans or shop for accessories by device.
  • Fully integrated with iQmetrix Dropship, you can showcase and sell a wide variety of unique, luxury, and specialized items without having to invest in physical inventory – reducing shrinkage and carrying costs.
  • Customers or sales staff can easily push the order directly to your POS to complete the sale and activation of the device and add virtual accessories all on one, simple transaction.
  • For a more DIY-approach, provide your customers with an entirely self-serve option to interact with products during idle wait times.

Who Benefits from Endless Aisle?


Get what they want, when they want it. Whether it’s in stock or virtually available, customers will be able to purchase exactly what they are looking for. 

See pricing and inventory visibility. Endless Aisle draws pricing and inventory information from your POS to ensure consistent, real-time data.

Transact at one touchpoint. The more friction you can prevent for your customer along their journey, the better. Allow them a single transaction point by purchasing both virtual and physical product all in one transaction.

Shop the way they want to. More than half of customers prefer to browse themselves rather than with a sales rep. Support both customer preferences and allow them to get to the purchase through their desired path.


Empower sales staff. Your sales staff can easily keep current on detailed product information; increasing their opportunities to engage customers, and ultimately, sell more.

Give your customers what they want. The only thing worse than making someone angry is disappointment them. Make sure your customers can get any item they come in for, whether it’s sitting on the shelves or not.

More SKUs mean more money. Free your staff from the shackles of limited products hanging on pegs. By extending their selling opportunity with thousands of SKUs, sales reps have endless commission opportunity.

Avoid sending customers to competitors. When a product is not in stock, rather than sending customers to your competitors, walk them through your virtual aisles and close the sale on the spot.

Simple integrations. Add items from Endless Aisle to your customer's cart and it'll be at your POS in seconds. Easily fill out the shipping information through the step by step process and items will be shipped directly from the supplier to your customer.


Expand your product lines. Online selection meets in-store convenience. Endless Aisle takes your existing virtual merchandising strategy and brings it in-store. 

Manage content easily. It's easy to keep up to date; a key in providing great in-store experiences. Endless Aisle has various themes, category start screens, and video mode; resulting in hundreds of looks right out of the box.

Blend online assets with in-store experiences. Endless Aisle blends the best of online and in-store experiences, enabling endless merchandising and fulfillment options for your customers.


Built on an open platform. Integrate Endless Aisle to all of your existing systems and enable future growth for wherever your omnichannel strategy may take you. 

Carry less, sell more. Reduce in-store inventory while increasing SKUs and making more money. Highlight additional, high-margin items you don't normally stock in-store by displaying a few items to see-touch-feel and offering the rest virtually.

Consistent inventory and pricing. Through integrations directly to the POS, you can help customers find products and provide real-time information including inventory and price.  

Operating system agnostic. Endless Aisle is built on iOS, Android, and Windows; allowing you to decide what works best for your customer and your environment.

Powerful analytics. Use analytics for suggested sell, complementary cross-selling opportunities, and identifying inventory trends.

Features Galore

Endless Aisle Suggested Item

Suggested Products

Highlight compatible or complementary products based on what people are browsing.

Shop by Device

Easily find compatible accessories by brand and device.

Dropship Orders

Browse and complete the sale in-store, then ship directly to your customer.

Compare Products

Help customers make decisions with side by side comparisons of product specifications.

Custom Themes

Share your story with brand content, seasonal themes, unique product categories and messaging.

Branded Start Screen

Get your customer’s attention while staying true to your brand.

Video Idle Mode

Draw attention and prompt interaction with engaging video start screens.

Real-Time Updates

Content added to Endless Aisle is pushed out within minutes enabling you to be agile with pricing, inventory availability and content.

Centralized Metrics

Interactive touch and session metrics are merged within our centralized data warehouse to compare against sales data.

Think putting your website on a tablet in-store = endless aisle?

Think again.

Here's how iQmetrix Endless Aisle and an e-commerce website on a touchscreen stack up.

Support Any Path to Purchase

Give your customers the freedom to shop their way.
Whitepaper - Bringing Endless Aisle into your Retail Strategy

Best Practices for Bringing Endless Aisle into your Retail Strategy

This playbook discusses strategies to help retailers marry in-store and online shopping experiences to create a more complete experience for consumers.

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Digital In-Store and Endless Aisle Lookbook

See examples of how you can implement in-store technologies in your retail space.

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