Sales That Never Sleep


Leverage our platform to connect your existing website to our POS and Endless Aisle solution. Weave your brand story between physical and online space by providing brand consistency, while establishing a mechanism for additional sales - 24/7, 365 days a year!

iQmetrix eCommerce

Online + In-Store

As channels collide, they no longer have to compete. We enable omnichannel retail where in-store and online complement each other. Create a virtual storefront that mimics your in-store experience, showcase your entire product catalogue, and display relevant company and product information.

Order Anywhere, Pick up Everywhere

Your customers will never again experience the inability to get the products they want. They’ll be delighted to reserve online and pick up in-store or ship directly to their homes, at their convenience.

Total Control

Powered by the iQmetrix Hub, your branding, promotional content, and inventory are pulled into our CMS and managed in a centralized control center. Real-time updates are a breeze!

Built On Platform

The iQmetrix Platform allows us to connect your existing eCommerce to our POS and Endless Aisle, to seamlessly integrate a variety of services and ensure consistency across channels, both in-store and online.

iQmetrix eCommerce - Built on Platform

Connect Inventory

Connect your entire Product Library via the iQmetrix Platform and manage everything in one place. Display availability and pricing while eliminating duplicate entry and streamlining back-end operations.

Entity Manager

Platform connects with your company and store information to showcase your locations on the map, along with the hours of operations for each store.

CRM Service

Connect your CRM to your eCommerce to pull in customer information including purchase history, shipping, and billing address - creating a single, complete view of your customers.

Deliver Now.

Complete your omnichannel experience and start making sales all day, every day. (And night...)