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iQmetrix Dropship

Dropship is a service that gives you the ability to send items from your vendor or fulfillment locations directly to your customers. By using these existing fulfillment capabilities and supply chain integrations, your customers will always be able to get exactly what they want, whether it’s in-stock or not!

How Dropship Works


Customer Order

Your customer decides what they want to purchase either through Endless Aisle or directly at the POS.


Transaction in POS

The Dropship Wizard adds the item to the customer’s order to collect all shipping and payment details.


Supplier is Notified

Through our product library and partner integrations, the order is sent to the vendor. Check out our available vendors here.


Package is Shipped

The order is picked, packed, and shipped according to the customer’s specifications.

You're going to love this ship.

Save the Sale

With Dropship, when your customer is seeking a product for a specific device or in a particular color, you can always deliver. Increase the number of happy customers you can serve and the sales you can make.

Intelligent Inventory

Offer thousands of products  without any risk. Products are shipped directly from the vendor and invoiced to you after you’ve captured the sale. Analyze your physical vs. virtual sales to decide what should or shouldn’t be taking up peg space.

More Sales, More Money

Not willing to bring in the $600 gold-plated headphones for fear of being stuck with the cost? Highlight premium items you don't normally stock by allowing a few items to be seen-touched-felt, and offer the remainder of the items virtually.

Who Benefits from Dropship?

Your Customers

Get what they want, when they want it. Whether you have the product in-stock or virtually available, customers will be able to purchase exactly what they’re looking for.

No searching and settling. No one wants to be caught with the same case as someone else! Rather than forcing your customers into the wrong fit or sending them to search elsewhere, let them browse to match their style.

Single transaction point. The more friction you can prevent for your customer along their journey the better. When a customer needs to purchase items in-store as well as make a Dropship order, make it easy for them by enabling both physical and virtual product to be combined in one transaction.

Ship to their content. Not only can your customers choose to ship to your store or any location of their choice, they can decide between a free or expedited shipping. They can also opt to ship to the store, their home, work, or wherever is easiest.

Sales StaffIncrease attachment rates. Perhaps your sales associates are struggling to meet their accessory attachment rate. With more available products, Dropship gives them another tool for success.

Prevent lost sales. Just as more sales equals more money, so do higher margin items! Allow your sales associates to increase their commissions with the ability to upsell customers more than just a case.

Delight your customers. The only thing worse than making someone angry is disappointing them. Earn repeat business by making sure they can get any item they come in for, whether it’s sitting on the shelves or not.

Compete and win against your competitors. Sales staff want to do what’s right for the customer. Rather than sending them out the door to online options or across the street when they can’t find what they want, walk them through the virtual aisles to close the sale in-store while they’re ready to buy.

Seamless sales process. To initiate a Dropship sale, simply walk the customer to your Endless Aisle screen or POS for more options. Fill out the customer’s shipping information through the step-by-step process in the POS and the items will be shipped directly from the supplier to your customer. It couldn’t be easier!

Go Further With Integrated Products

Deliver Endless Aisle

Deliver Endless Aisle

Never lose another sale to stock outs or the inability to carry extensive product lines. With Dropship, you can increase the number of happy customers you can serve and the sales you can make.

Connect to Your POS

Connect to Your Cell Phone Store POS

Push Dropship transactions from Endless Aisle or start them directly in RQ. With our integration to the POS, customers can easily purchase physical and virtual merchandise all in one transaction.

Dropship Features 

Dropship Wizard

Dropship Wizard

Located directly in RQ, you can easily add items to any existing invoice including activations and upgrades.

Real-Time Pricing and Availability

Real-Time Pricing + Availability

Through our integrations, all pricing and inventory availability is updated automatically.

Smart Shipping

Smart Shipping

Customer shipping details are entered directly into the POS where free and expedited shipping options are automatically calculated.

Product Library

Product Library

Map your virtual products to the entire product line of your vendors. Manage that inventory through one tool that aligns online, warehouse, and in-store product.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Emails are sent to your customer notifying them of their purchase and when the order is shipped, including tracking information.

Email Templates

Email Templates

It’s not every day you get to email your customers. Add your brand to one more touchpoint – keeping your store top of mind and building loyalty.

Order Management

Order Management

Our Hub web application gives users the ability to gain insight into the status of each order. Whether it’s pending or completed, you’ll know where it’s at.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management

Prioritize your suppliers to meet inventory levels and ensure you're getting the best prices. One supplier doesn’t have what you need? Default to the next automatically.

Quick Returns

Quick Returns

When your customer makes a purchase that's not quite right for them, make accepting returns painless. Dropship automatically configures returns and turns it into physical stock.


4 Components of An Optimized Fulfillment Strategy

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4 Components of An Optimized Fulfillment Strategy

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