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iQmetrix Dropship

Dropship is a service that gives you the ability to send items from a supplier or fulfillment location directly to your customer. Tap into your existing fulfillment capabilities and supply chain integrations to create a true endless aisle experience. Your customers will always be able to get exactly what they want. We ship you not!

Online Selection Meets
In-store Convenience

Deliver the best gift to your customers – a great experience. By offering in-store selection comparable to what your customers find online, you’ll have legions of faithful shoppers!

iQmetrix Dropship - Low Risk Inventory

High product selection,
low risk.

Dropship allows you to offer thousands of additional products to your customers without having to invest in inventory. Through our Product Library, we can map your virtual products directly to the entire product line of your vendor partners. Our platform gives you the capability to manage that inventory by providing one tool to align online, warehouse, and in-store product.

Deliver endless aisle.

Our endless aisle solution allows your customers to browse and search through a vast product catalog that complements your in-store merchandise. With Dropship, customers who came in for that specialty pair of purple headphones can now not only find their unique selection on the screen, but have it shipped directly to their home or favorite store location. Just like magic!

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iQmetrix Dropship - Endless Aisle

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iQmetrix Dropship - Save the Sale

Save the Sale

Far too often customers have asked for specific products you just don’t have in the right size or color. Rather than walking them out the door to your competitors or online alternatives, close the sale with Dropship! Whether you have the item in stock or not, your sales team can say ‘yes’ every time.

iQmetrix Dropship - Efficient Retail Space

Efficient Retail Space

Physical shelf space is more precious than “Boardwalk” in a game of Monopoly. Now you can use that space more wisely for your most popular, high-margin items and offer the rest through Dropship. Go a step further by analyzing your Dropship sales to understand what is best suited in those high real-estate areas.

iQmetrix Dropship - Enhance Product Offering

Enhance Your Product Offering

Not willing to bring in the $600 gold-plated headphones for fear of being stuck with the inventory or having to carry that level of overhead? Extend more luxurious, high-end items to your customers through Dropship and benefit from higher profit margins.

How Dropship Works


Order is Placed

Customer decides what they want to purchase and places their order. iQmetrix Endless Aisle integrates with our Order Service to enable the passing of potential orders from our endless aisle solution directly to a POS.


Transaction in POS

Once a POS integrates with the Order Service it is able to listen for new orders from iQmetrix Endless Aisle and take the information provided to begin the sale in the POS. The POS collects the customer’s information and creates a record in the CRM service. The customer then pays you retail price for the item.


Supplier is Notified

Through the iQmetrix Platform and Product Library, the order is sent. We support the concept of a POS easily integrating with our Platform to create and confirm Dropship orders with an integrated supplier or your own fulfillment strategy.


Package is Shipped

The item is picked, packed and shipped according to the customer’s specifications on shipping options and address.

The customer receives their desired product directly either at home, work or in-store.


4 Components of An Optimized Fulfillment Strategy

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4 Components of an optimized fulfillment strategy

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