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Payment Processing CDN Plans & Rates
Rates & Features Gateway $55 CAD /month Flex $35 CAD /month Best Value Professional $65 CAD /month Enterprise Custom Request a Quote
Card Rates

iQmetrix Processing with custom pricing for the high volume merchant.

Get it all for less!

Card Rates (Except Amex)

Set by 3rd Party Processor

0.20% + $0.15

0.15% + $0.09

Amex Rates

Set by 3rd Party Processor

0.40% + $0.15

0.30% + $0.09

Debit Rates

Set by 3rd Party Processor

0.20% + $0.19

0.15% + $0.13

Basic Features
Payment Integration
EMV Updates & Electronic Signature Storage
Merchant Account & Payment Processing
Single-Point Customer Support
Basic PCI
Advanced Features
Terminal Sharing

+ $10

Terminal Reporting

+ $10

Online Retrieval & Chargeback Handling

+ $10

Hardware Rental

+ $20

+ $20

All prices are in CAD. Pricing is based on factors including volume, number of locations, cash to card acceptance ratio, and the addition of advanced features. We are committed to providing you with transparent pricing and always try our best to beat your current processing rates.

Contact us with a current processing statement if you would like to discuss custom pricing for your business.

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