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The performance-based scheduling platform built for wireless retail. Intelligently drive incremental sales while optimizing labor costs with Shiftlab’s machine learning technology.

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About Shiftlab

Shiftlab, a part of the iQmetrix ecosystem of companies, is the performance-based scheduling technology built for wireless retail. With a team that has over 40 combined years of cellular experience, Shiftlab brings your labor strategy to life by maximizing performance and employee engagement while intelligently driving incremental sales and optimizing labor costs. In partnering with iQmetrix, we allow businesses to gather POS transactions and make real-time staffing decisions.


Performance-Based Scheduling as a Competitive Advantage

As COVID restrictions cautiously loosen, wireless stores open up, and new selling patterns emerge, your business can’t afford to miss the profitable opportunities that walk through your doors. That’s why an optimized schedule is a must.

Have you been tracking which are your busiest days? Do you know what your busiest hours are? What procedures do you have for staffing stores effectively? Scheduling is a daily, strategic initiative and with your best employees working the prime shifts, your stores see maximum results.

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Shiftlab Solutions

Workforce Optimization

Shiftlab offers a performance-based scheduling platform designed to maximize the potential of each employee’s sales and operational strengths. Utilizing machine-learning technology, Shiftlab combines real-time performance metrics, data parameters and predictive algorithms that enable companies to more effectively forecast and schedule its employees. From large enterprises to small businesses, Shiftlab’s adaptive technology will intelligently drive incremental sales while optimizing labor costs.


We didn't know scheduling was a weakness until we began using Shiftlab.
Alex Yeater
Wireless Sales
Shiftlab removes the guesswork and allows us to schedule against real-time sales projections.
Julie Snyder
Wireless Sales
Shiftlab gives us instant visibility of top sales performers which allows us to reward them with better shifts.
Tomas Huertas
Wireless Nation
Shiftlab makes us think differently about scheduling.
Les Bailey
Mobile Destination


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