Workforce Management Platform Shiftlab Now Embedded in iQmetrix Interconnected Commerce Solutions

Vancouver, BC — May 1, 2024Shiftlab, a leading workforce management platform for telecom retailers and a sibling company to iQmetrix, has been integrated with iQmetrix since 2020, with over 40,000 telecom retail professionals now using the solution for strategic employee scheduling and smart timekeeping.

Today, iQmetrix and Shiftlab are excited to announce that Shiftlab is now fully embedded within iQmetrix’s leading Retail Management Platform RQ. This will provide RQ users with immediate access to a comprehensive set of advanced workforce management tools, all with a single login and seamless user interfaces. It will replace RQ Scheduler as the workforce scheduling tool for RQ users. 

By leveraging Shiftlab’s automated employee scheduling, intelligent time clock features, and real-time data analytics, telecom retailers can enhance operational efficiency at the touch of a button.

Shiftlab for RQ:

  • is leveraging the two companies’ existing data-sharing integrations to ensure uninterrupted operations throughout the migration
  • eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords — simply log into RQ and navigate between systems
  • consolidates all essential tools into one unified and familiar platform.

Shiftlab helps telecom retailers optimize staffing and increase profits with AI-powered scheduling automation and demand forecasting. The platform takes a unique performance-based approach to scheduling, automatically placing top performers in the busiest shifts. 

Amy Beaulieu, Manager of Field Operations for The Mobile Shop, has been using Shiftlab since 2022. She said, Shiftlab makes putting the right people on at the right time an incredibly insightful yet simple process. The program has helped our business tighten up labor costs, improve scheduling behaviors, and given us a positive ROI. The support from the Shiftlab team has been best in class since day one, and they are willing to work with us to develop the program even further to meet our business needs.”

Shiftlab enables managers to create sales-optimized and complaint schedules with one click, giving them time back to spend coaching their teams and being present on the sales floor. Anas Almaletti, CEO of Cell Phones For Less and a current Shiftlab customer, commented, We had a lot of issues with scheduling including too much manual labor and human bias into schedule making. Shiftlab solved both problems for us and has helped normalize the entire scheduling process for us with a few clicks. Highly recommend!”

Shiftlab helps telecom retailers stay compliant with labor laws, offering a full compliance suite with features like automatically creating and enforcing mandatory and custom breaks, collecting break attestations, and giving managers and employees break and OT alerts. Retail managers are also empowered with access to real-time data through Shiftlab’s Store Pulse dashboard, which has notifications on late store openings, trending overtime, shift compliance, budget, and more. 

On average, Shiftlab customers see:

  • 10% increase in profit per hour
  • 6% decrease in wasted downtime
  • 15% increase in guest satisfaction 

Waleed Ayoub, Senior Vice President of Product and Technology at iQmetrix, said, The full integration of Shiftlab into RQ exemplifies our commitment to delivering deep, value-added capabilities that optimize retail operations. This integration is not just about enhancing our technology stack — it’s about fundamentally transforming how telecom retailers operate, streamlining their processes, and boosting their bottom lines. By bringing advanced workforce management tools directly into RQ, we empower our clients with the ability to maximize staffing efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive greater profitability — all through a unified, intuitive platform. This shift marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards redefining the future of Interconnected Commerce solutions.”

RQ users are invited to schedule a personalized, in-depth assessment of their scheduling and sales data to reveal how Shiftlab can deliver cost savings and labor optimization tailored to their needs.

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About Shiftlab

Shiftlab is a SaaS company that offers a scalable workforce optimization platform designed for retail sales organizations to maximize performance and employee engagement while reducing labor costs. Unlike other companies who provide a generic calendar and no performance or reporting metrics, Shiftlab combines real-time performance metrics, data parameters and predictive algorithms, so companies more effectively forecast and schedule better than ever. From large enterprises to small businesses, Shiftlab’s adaptive technology can be customized to drive your workforce forward. The company is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana. To learn more, visit

About iQmetrix

iQmetrix is the only provider of Interconnected Commerce software solutions for telecom retail. Interconnected Commerce is a complete set of software and technologies that are modular, flexible, and have telecom-specific capabilities, enabling telecom retailers to provide an uplifting experience for their customers. We empower telecom retailers to transact, activate, and fulfill products, as well as operate their business, and unify the online and in-store experiences. We interconnect the entire industry, bridging carriers, retailers, manufacturers, and a huge ecosystem of vendors and external system integrations.

For 25 years, we’ve been passionate about helping the leading brands in telecom to grow by providing best-in-class software, services, and expertise that enables them to adapt and thrive. Our solutions powered $17BN in sales last year, handling nearly 60 million invoices and more than 28 million activations, and are used by more than 370,000 telecom retail professionals across almost 1,000 clients. iQmetrix is a privately held software-as-a-service (SaaS) company with employees in Canada, the U.S., India, and Europe. For more information, please visit