The 20 Most Innovative Companies in B.C. in 2011

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Date: April 42011

Published by: BCBusiness Magazine

(Below is the specific listing for iQmetrix, ranked 5th among the Top 20 most innovative companies in the article.)

5. iQmetrix Software Development Corp.

David Jordan | APR 42011

Congratulations to iQmetrix, #5 in 2011s Most Innovative Companies in B.C.

At the heart of every innovation is a problem seeking a solution, and Christopher Krywulak tackled a doozy. Running a cellphone kiosk in a Regina mall at the age of 18, he witnessed first-hand the utter bewilderment of customers faced with an endless array of handsets, service providers and voice and data plans. In 1999 he founded a software company that lets consumers compare the seemingly infinite possibilities at a single point of access. The in-store terminals include touch screens and product displays that let customers try out all the possible combinations before buying.?

Twelve years later, iQmetrix is now headquartered in Vancouver and distributing its lead product to nearly 10,000 retail locations. This is one innovation that clearly responds to a real need. The product has been unbelievably well validated,” one panellist noted. They own the market.”