MWC19 and iQmetrix: A Perfect Pair

Los Angeles, CA – October 1 iQmetrix is returning to Los Angeles for the 2019 Mobile World Congress. With the recent iQmetrix Meetup having unveiled the latest enhancements to our product suite, event attendees will have the first chance to see the latest functionality in action.

Aiming to raise the bar for retail software, client feedback helped mold these developments and create an even better retail software offering. Focused on providing upgrades that enhance the retail experience, iQmetrix is laser-focused on enabling growth for retailers everywhere. Having been a retail software provider for 20 years, the iQmetrix team understands the pain points that business owners, managers, and associates experience in their day-to-day. That’s why our enhancements provide increased functionality in…

  • Mobile POS
  • Inventory management
  • Purchase order integration
  • Bundling
  • Reporting
  • Reconciliation

…and more. Our team of experts can’t wait to work the MWC show floor and meet with retailers to help them find the retail software they’ve been searching for.

Event-goers can find the iQmetrix team
at booth #2246 in the South Hall.

Stacy Hamer, iQmetrix’s VP of Customer Experience, will also be speaking at this year’s event. With Stacy’s extensive knowledge of the wireless industry, the retail space, and what creates a great, memorable experience for the consumer, she is excited to present her insights.

On October 23, 2019 at 1PM, Stacy will be joining an expert-lead panel that explores how the Internet of Things will influence, disrupt, and grow the retail experience. Stacy will speak on how this will affect the consumer journey, and how businesses will need to work harder than ever to ensure a smooth path to purchase while staying top of mind.

It wouldn’t be an iQmetrix-attended event without an iQmetrix-style party. On October 22, our team will be hosting a rooftop cocktail reception on the 73rd floor of the Intercontinental Downtown. The view from the Skydeck is equal to none, giving you an eagle-eye view of the incredible LA skyline. This reception is invite-only so, if you’d like to attend, get in touch with our team.

Want to learn more about iQmetrix, speak with Stacy, or ensure you get the chance to meet with our product experts?

Media Contact
Stephanie Boyle
Manager, Marketing & Public Relations

About iQmetrix
iQmetrix’s point of sale and retail management solutions are designed to power the wireless and specialty retail industries. Our commerce platform offers powerful business intelligence, endless aisle, drop ship, e-commerce, and payment solutions, as well as an integrated network of over 35 partners – enabling us to be the single solution to multiple retail challenges. For 20 years, we’ve been passionate about helping our clients grow by providing excellent software, services, and expertise that enables them to adapt and thrive.