Manage Multiple Payment Devices Remotely

iQmetrix is happy to announce a new web-based payment terminal management application allowing retailers to manage multiple payment devices from any remote location.

This solution is an easy to use yet incredibly powerful tool, saving retailers the hassle of messy, expensive, and dated update and monitoring processes.

Key Benefits

  • Remotely centralized management
  • Access data from anywhere - Remote reporting and analytics
  • Track device inventory company-wide or by location
  • User access control
  • Detect issues quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce costs and efforts
  • Schedule updates or push new content with no downtime
  • Streamline branding
  • Heightened security - Prevent and detect fraudulent activity

The iQmetrix terminal manager utility has completed its first phase of development and is currently available for firmware updates and terminal monitoring.

Phase 1 (May) Release

  • Firmware updates for any iQpay compatible device.
  • Asset monitoring (so ability to view by serial number which devices are deployed to which location)
  • Activity monitoring (when was the device last used)
Phase 2 (June) Release
  • Ability to release custom form packages (Cricket)
  • Customizable package for the Mx915 and the sig cap devices so users of the system can upload and select an idle screen image for their devices. This would be fully customizable by store/​region. (May be pushed to July release)
Backlog features to prioritize
  • Notification and locking a device out if a serial number has changed (Security of the hardware)
  • Digital Signage integration with iQmetrix solution a marketing campaign can be defined for a terminal and pushed down to it.
  • Branded forms, so custom branding can appear on every form during device usage (Ingenico only)
Pricing and further details will be posted shortly to the iQmetrix Support & Community site. Call and speak with an account or support representative today for more information.