iQmetrix’s Carrier Connect Reinvents the Painful Device Activation Experience

Vancouver, BC — January 24, 2023 — iQmetrix has launched Carrier Connect, a brand-new solution that promises to transform the activation experience and is unique on the market.

Whether you’re a wireless retail operator, a store associate, or a customer buying a new device, the activation experience is infamous for being slow and clunky. And for device retailers who don’t have a designated carrier — such as big-box stores and handset manufacturers — the combination of this poor experience and the challenges of creating carrier relationships means many are not currently activating the devices they sell, even if they want to.

As Jason Raymer, iQmetrix’s Senior Vice President of Revenue and Client Experience, succinctly put it, In today’s wireless retail space, you’re either not offering activations at all, or you’re doing it badly.”

That’s why iQmetrix, North America’s leading telecom experience platform, is today launching a brand-new solution that promises to completely reinvent the activation experience—Carrier Connect.

Carrier Connect is a unique software-as-a-service solution that offers retailers a simple, frictionless way to activate devices with Tier-1 US carriers. 

Carrier Connect has been designed to eliminate swivel-chair and multiple data-entry processes, which:

  • significantly reduces transaction time
  • removes data errors and inconsistencies
  • lowers training costs and increases agent competency
  • creates more space for customer engagement and upselling
  • greatly improves customer experience and boosts loyalty

In a demo environment, the start-to-finish time for activating a device using Carrier Connect was well under 10 minutes, including generous time built in for agent-customer interactions and data gathering. That’s down from a typical 45 to 60 minutes in most wireless retail environments. 

Stacy Hamer, Chief Operating Officer at iQmetrix, said, We couldn’t be more excited to launch Carrier Connect and enable quick and seamless device activation experiences in multi-carrier retail environments. The days of losing your customers’ loyalty by putting them through painful, long activation processes are finally over.” 

Carrier Connect offers direct and maintenance-free connections to all Tier-1 US carriers through a single set of consolidated API integrations. There’s a self-guided user interface that is consistent, reliable, and highly secure. Carrier Connect caters for self-serve or assisted channels alike to enable omnichannel experiences. It also has the advantage of keeping the retailer and store reps up to date on rate plans, promotions, financing options and device protection, all in real time.

There are three different options for implementing Carrier Connect, ranging from a standalone portal to an embedded user interface to an API library integration. The experts at iQmetrix can work with retailers to establish which option would work best for their business.

iQmetrix’s Jason Raymer said, The only question to ask is: what proportion of your smart device sales do you want to activate? We can work with the retailer on this strategy.” 

Carrier Connect is unique in that it is the only multi-carrier device activation solution on the market. In fact, its only competition is some national retail brands’ own in-house systems, which do not offer many of Carrier Connect’s benefits, connectivity, and established carrier relationships — and usually come with high maintenance costs and support teams.

Raymer added, For a device retailer wanting to enter into the wireless activation business, Carrier Connect can enable that in a way that no other software provider can.”

Whether a retail business is already activating devices or not, it’s time to start offering a seamless, enjoyable, and fast activation experience — and the only way to do that is with Carrier Connect. 

For more information, visit iQmetrix’s Carrier Connect page.


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