iQmetrix to Partner with Device Renew to Bring Diagnostics and Trade-Ins to Repair Shops

Vancouver, BC — October 29, 2018To ensure a holistic repair solution for industry players, iQmetrix has joined together with Device Renew to provide an expert diagnostic tool and trade-in functionality to users of RQ for Repair.

With the industry-leading point of sale and retail management system, RQ, being tailor-made to support the needs of repair retailers, iQmetrix was looking to create an all-encompassing solution that streamlined repairs and supported shops as they scale. With a newly formed partnership with Device Renew, this vision is on the roadmap to reality for 2019. While this integration is in development, the benefits of a partnership with Device Renew are already clear; repair retailers will be ensured the robust solution RQ has the repair specific tools they need to rise above their competition and create a great customer experience. 

Device Renew is an electronics re-purposing company focusing on providing retailers with an outlet for sourced devices. As a one-stop shop for refurbished, pre-owned inventory, repair retailers can rest easy knowing they’re getting the best parts at the best price, helping the environment along the way.

This partnership between iQmetrix and Device Renew is comprised of two key features those in the business of repair depend on; diagnostics and trade-in.

The diagnostic tool helps to:

  • Automate pre and post repair hardware checks
  • Streamline and automate processes while eliminating human error
  • Store and document transactions to prevent warranty fraud
  • Easily add value with add-ons to detect secondary issues that might have been missed
  • Evaluate battery diagnostic information for replacement up-sell automation

Fully integrated trade-in allows for:

  • Hardware testing with 98.5% accuracy
  • Seamless connection with IMEI, iCloud, and MDM checks
  • Market value prediction analytics with more than 50 sources to provide accurate valuation
  • Trust that your repair parts are what you need and the quality you expect

Both of these features also include remote deployment. This means that your business is able to send an SMS text to potential repair customers before they ever walk through your doors.

With iQmetrix as software experts, Device Renew as an automation-focused company, and the two being well-versed in the world of repair, these newly added capabilities will provide a streamlined service offering like repair shops have never experienced. No more iCloud-locked devices, miss diagnosed hardware, or incurred warranty fraud; this holistic technology is the first of it’s kind to provide repair shops with this level of in-depth repair functionality.

Interested in learning more about what this new partnership can do for your business? Get in touch with our team to learn more. 

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Stephanie Boyle
Manager, Marketing & PR

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With our POS and retail management solutions found in over 20,000 stores, iQmetrix is the largest retail software provider for the North American wireless and repair industry. Beyond our POS, we offer powerful business intelligence, endless aisle, drop ship, e-commerce, and payment solutions, as well as an integrated network of over 35 partners – enabling us to be the single solution to multiple retail challenges. For nearly 20 years, we’ve proven our ability to be the #1 company for supporting retail growth; helping carriers, wireless dealers, and repair service providers invest in software that reduces costly inefficiencies, increases profitability, and speeds up transaction times to create great customer experiences. Learn more at

About Device Renew
Device Renew is an electronics re-purposing company that focuses on keeping used technology in the user lifecycle and out of landfills. Device Renew was built from our years of experience and innovation in repair & sourcing from our siblings companies iOutlet and Elevate Supply and currently provides retail, enterprise, refurbishing, and wholesale inventory services. Device Renew can help wireless carriers and other retail operations ensure an industry high payout for their consumer electronic trade-ins with our safe and simple process. Providing an easy solution for recouping the investment in devices that are ready to be updated, Device Renew can support entities with large amounts of broken devices with a trustworthy outsourced solution; they’re your one-stop shop for sourcing pre-owned inventory.