Introducing iQmetrix’s new RQ partner: Chatterspot

iQmetrix’s newest partner, Chatterspot, is a technology and marketing company whose software will soon be integrated into RQ (slated for RQ v4.13). This integration will grant retailers access to an innovative solution that allows your company to easily and continuously engage with customers throughout their wireless life cycle.

Who is Chatterspot?

Chatterspot is a division of TEGA Technologies, a California-based marketing automation software company founded in 2003. Chatterspot is dedicated to developing marketing solutions specifically for wireless retail. Why wireless? It’s what we know and love! Our team understands the unique landscape of wireless retail and is committed to developing solutions to help you grow your business.

Chatterspot helps me take ownership of my customers and stay one step ahead of my competitors.” – Rory Kelly, Cellular Only

Digital lifecycle marketing at your fingertips.

Chatterspot understands the need to grow and adapt in order to stay relevant in this lightning-fast paced industry. They also realize it’s difficult for wireless retailers to find time to focus on lead generation, customer retention, customer follow up, consumer engagement and innovative marketing strategies.

In the wireless industry, it simply makes sense to connect with customers on their mobile devices. Chatterspot’s SMS and email marketing solutions give your customers more personal attention while requiring less attention from you.

  • Consistently connect with customers according to their needs and interests with targeted automated messaging.
  • Create on demand targeted marketing campaigns in just minutes.
  • Automatically notify customers of upgrade eligibility
  • Automatically follow up with surveys, tips & tricks, app recommendations, offers and more.
  • Realize additional profit from existing customers.
  • Accurately track marketing ROI.
  • Leverage customer relationships as a competitive advantage.
  • Promote each individual location through an enterprise solution.
  • Cut through the marketing clutter with a 94% SMS read rate.
Nobody understands our marketing needs better than Chatterspot. Their technology and consultative approach make them our #1 resource for connecting with customers.” – Kevin Tupy, Z Wireless

RQ Integration: Coming soon!

The v4.13 RQ integration with Chatterspot will provide customized enrollment forms within RQ to turn customers into preferred members. Upon registration, the customer will be labeled a member” within RQ, and will immediately receive a welcome text and/​or email message. The data collected during enrollment will then automatically trigger unique targeted, personalized messages via text and email.

Check out this quick video about Chatterspot and contact your CSM for more information!