How ReBiz Datacam Benefits iQmetrix Clients

Davidson, NC — May 13, 2019 — ReBiz (Datacam) is a game-changing solution to help you maximize your employees’ potential. 

iQmetrix is the wireless industry’s largest provider of point-of-sale, retail-management, and omnichannel retail solutions. Together with ReBiz, an innovative software to monitor and track your employees, these tools give wireless retail sales associates better data to sell more. iQmetrix clients can now solve real-world problems through data intelligence.

The ReBiz (Datacam) integration benefits iQmetrix clients by allowing them to use camera vision technology to maximize employees’ time by focusing on rep-level conversion. Clients can monitor employees, use insights for opportunities and conversations, and create an optimal management process.

We are excited about this new partnership with iQmetrix. The opportunity to partner with iQmetrix allows us to continue providing an immense amount of value to our customer base. iQmetrix has always been a leader in the wireless industry, and we look forward to working with their team and customers.” — ReBiz Sales & Operations Team

See how ReBiz can help reinvent how you make data driven decisions.