GlobalShop 2015 Preview: The Benefits of Virtual Merchandising Technology

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Date: Feb. 52015

Published by: GlobalShop 2015

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The Internet and mobile devices have changed the way people shop -- to the point where their expectations of bricks-and-mortar stores have evolved. Consumers are looking for a unique combination of technology and human touch. They want to experience the retailer’s brand in a new and memorable way, but they have a number of requirements: information, efficiency, convenience, price transparency and, perhaps most importantly, desired product availability.

Tara Bartlett, director of marketing for iQmetrix, notes the change in consumer behavior has driven the need to integrate the digital with the physical in the store experience. Consumers are more educated and informed than ever with access to product information at their fingertips 24/7,” Bartlett says. The shopping dynamics have changed, so why not combine the best of online with the in-store experience -- giving customers access to online product information, pricing, ratings and reviews, and product comparisons with the added appeal of customer engagement?