Forbes: The Future Of Customer Service - Five Consumer Trends And Best Practices

iQmetrix was mentioned in an article on written by Micah Solomon, a best-selling author, keynote speaker, customer service consultant, and customer service thought leader. 

The article, titled The Future of Customer Service: Five Consumer Trends And Best Practices, highlights five ways retailers can keep up with today’s consumer trends when it comes to customer service and customer experience. 

Date: July 122016

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Below is an excerpt from the article:

Share your shopping technology, so that it can be used by customer, employee, or by both working together. 

A smart trend, particularly in retail, is the installation of technology that can be used by customers or used for customers by salespeople, or shared by both parties, depending on the preference of the customer. For example, the retail touchscreens from iQmetrix (pictured) can be used as a tool by a human salesperson, allowing them to share the endless aisle” with customers (items that may not be on the shelf of a store but are in fact available for sale). Or, they can be used by a customer who doesn’t want anything to do with a human employee. Or, and this is one of the most interesting applications, is to think of screen-sharing as a solution for retail clienteling (“clienteling” is retail-speak for what a personal shopper does). Millennials aren’t always comfortable talking with sales staff. But they do a lot of screen sharing, a lot of look at this!” This has great retail potential, as in the following scenario:

Associate: This is cute, isn’t it?”

–hands customer the tablet–

Customer: Yes, let’s add this to my closet.” (Bingo!)”

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