Simplify Payment Processing with iQmetrix MSP

iQmetrix is a Merchant Services Provider (MSP) offering full-service payment processing with integrated payment experience. With iQmetrix MSP, our payments and RQ experts are there for you when you need superior onboarding, customer service, and support. 

Experience the connectivity of full integration

Streamline your check-out process, reduce errors, and simplify reconciliation with our fully integrated payment solution. Our connected workstations and payment terminals ensure consistent transactional data across the board, making payment processing effortless. 

Quick resolution through one point of contact

Enjoy the convenience of a single point of contact for all your payment needs. From setting up new payment methods to resolving technical issues, iQmetrix is here to provide comprehensive support, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors. 

The power of PCI with none of the complexities

Experience the power of PCI compliance without the complexities. Our end-to-end encryption ensures secure transactions while reducing PCI scope by 90%, saving you from potential non-compliance fees. 

A Few of our happy customers...

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Get it All

Payment Integration

Automate your checkout flow, reduce human error, and reconcile with ease. Connect your workstations directly to your terminal with integrated payments.

EMV Enablement

Our complete EMV solution includes electronic signature capture on all compatible devices, remote firmware updates, and a large selection of EMV hardware.

Merchant Account and Processing

Mass card acceptance at affordable rates. From Amex to debit, chip and signature to contactless, accept all card types and all payment methods for less.

PCI Compliance

Advanced PCI Shield reduces your PCI scope by 90% while also eliminating potential for non-compliance fees. Complete and upload forms in as little as five minutes.

Next Day Funding

Maximize your cash flow and see money in your account faster. Most processors hold your money for 48 to 72 hours, but iQmetrix Merchant Services lets you access your funds the next business day.

Online Chargeback Handling

Access online reporting and processing statements to view historical data across all locations, review chargeback documents, and respond quickly to disputes with chargeback handling.

Ready to simplify payment processing?