Service Level Agreement

Last Updated: December 14th2020

Unless otherwise specified, each iQmetrix Service will be available during 99.5% of any month, subject to the following exceptions:

Service availability will be determined according to the Availability Formula:

Availability Formula = ((Maximum Available Minutes – Unscheduled Downtime) / Maximum Available Minutes) x 100.

Maximum Available Minutes refers to the number of minutes in a monthly measurement period calculated as the number of days in the month being measured, multiplied by 1440 minutes (the number of minutes available in each day).

Unscheduled Downtime refers to the number of minutes in a monthly measurement period that a service is completely inoperative (“not available”) for a customer, not including Scheduled Maintenance or Exceptional Circumstances.

For any day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or statutory holiday in the Province of British Columbia (a Business Day”), in the event of a Priority 1 occurrence that renders a Service completely inoperative and the inability to use the Service has a critical effect on operations for more than 3 consecutive hours as a result of a circumstance within iQmetrix control, a credit will be issued to Subscriber in an amount equal to one day’s charge for that iQmetrix Service (“Service Level Credit”). One day’s charge will be determined by dividing the billing for the month in which the problem occurred, by the number of days in that month.