Proving the ROI: How to Build a Business Case for New In-Store Technology

Investing in new in-store technology can be a complete game-changer — if you can get buy-in. But the reality is that you’re competing against every other team in your company for that all-important slice of budget. If you can’t prove the ROI of that new tech to the powers-that-be, you won’t get sign off.

What You’ll Learn

New technology can increase revenue, attract new customers, and reduce pain points for your team. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Structure your business case using best practices.
  • Document costs, risks, and benefits, and conduct a financial analysis.
  • Demonstrate your results in a digestible format for your decision makers.

Watch the recorded webinar below:

Presented By:


Sive O’Neill
Marketing Director, Carriers, iQmetrix

Sive worked for a major wireline and wireless provider for over 6 years, where building business cases and winning approvals from the executive team was the name of the game.

Hosted By:


Megan Howse
Marketing Manager, Wireless, iQmetrix

Megan has been working with iQmetrix for 8 years and is an expert in retail technology needs for wireless retailers. She has a passion for building relationships and helping retailers achieve an omnichannel approach to their business.