Minimum Requirements

OS VersioniPadOS 14
Processor1.5GHz Dual-Core
Internet ConnectionYes
Peripheral ConnectionBluetooth

1. RQmobile uses under 500MB. Storage space considers the operating system, RQmobile, and associated updates. If you plan on running additional applications, you may need additional storage space.

2. The iPad’s built-in camera can be used as an alternative to a stand-alone barcode scanner.

Our Tablet Picks

ProductSizeStorageColorManufacturing #Purchase
Our PickApple iPad (6th Generation)9.732GBGoldMRJN2LL/A$430Order Online
SilverMR7G2LL/A$430Order Online
Space GrayMR7F2LL/A$430Order Online
Other TabletsApple iPad (9th generation)10.264GBSilverMK2K3LL/A
Apple iPad Air (3rd generation)9.764GBSpace GrayMUUJ2LL/A
Apple iPad Air (5th generation)10.964GBSpace Gray

Apple iPad mini (5th generation)7.964GBGold
Space Gray
Apple iPad Pro (2nd Generation)12.964GBMultipleMQDC2LL/A
Apple iPad Pro (3rd generation)11128GBSilverMHQT3LL/A
Apple iPad Pro (5th generation)12.9128GBSpace Gray



Barcode Scanners

Minimum Requirements

Symbology TypeCode 39

Our Barcode Scanner Picks

ProductColorManufacturing #Purchase
Our PickSocket Mobile SocketScan S700BlueCX3360-1682$315Order Online
Other Barcode ScannersSocket Mobile SocketScan S800BlackCX2881-1476


Contact us for more information.

Cash Drawers

Our Cash Drawer Picks

ColorManufacturing #Purchase

Great Options

APG Vasario

Receipt Printer𝙓BlackVB320-BL1616$150Order Online
MMF VAL-uReceipt Printer𝙓BlackMMF-VL1616E-04$170Order Online
Other Cash DrawersAPG Series 100Receipt Printer𝙓BlackT320-BL1616

Cash Drawer Cables and Accessories

ProductSupported PrintersManufacturing #Purchase
APG BluePRO Bluetooth Adapter Dongle𝙓𝙓BA-0510-101A-02-

APG Multipro Cable

CD-101A$10Order Online
MMF Cash Drawer Kwick Kable226-199EPST10-00$15Order Online

Payment Terminals

RQmobile (as of version 2.1) can utilize any payment terminal connected to an RQ workstation to complete transactions. All devices are EMV (chip and PIN) capable and include card swipe and pin pad. This shared-terminal feature is available to all customers who subscribe to the Remote Terminal Solutions Package.

Each fully-integrated EMV-capable payment terminal within the location will be accessible to RQmobile users, who will be prompted to choose a payment device during checkout. To learn more about how to set this up, please refer to this setup guide.

As Wireless payment terminals don’t require a physical connection to the PC running RQ, they offer a mobile payment companion to RQmobile. 

Certified Payment Terminals

Please visit our dedicated Payment Hardware page for details, pricing and order information.

Note: iQmetrix recommends purchasing all payment hardware through its approved hardware vendor- POSDATA. Ingenico Tetra devices purchased through an unapproved hardware vendor will be subject to a $75/​device activation fee. Contact your Client Manager or a Payment Specialist for more information.

Receipt Printers

Minimum Requirements

ConnectivityAirPrint / Bluetooth / Ethernet

Some receipt types cannot be printed to receipt printers from RQmobile.

We recommend connecting your receipt printer with a wired Ethernet connection whenever possible. This will improve connectivity and speed while reducing the chance of potential network issues. However, if your location doesn’t have an accessible Ethernet connection or you require mobility, an AirPrint-enabled or Bluetooth receipt printer may be used as an alternative.

AirPrint requires a reliable Wi-Fi network. You may also be required to install the latest version of your printer’s firmware.

Our Multifunction Office Printer Picks

ProductConnectionManufacturing #Purchase
Popular PickXerox VersaLink B405𝙓𝙓𝙓B405/DN$785Order Online

Our Receipt Printer Picks

ProductConnectionColorManufacturing #Purchase
Our PickStar Micronics TSP143IIILAN3𝙓𝙓𝙓Gray39464910$360Order Online
Wireless PickStar Micronics TSP654II𝙓Gray39481870$720Order Online
White39481860$720Order Online
OtherStar Micronics TSP654II𝙓𝙓𝙓Gray39481270
Star Micronics TSP654II𝙓𝙓𝙓Gray39449772

3. May also be labeled as TSP100III’ with Ethernet port.


ProductTablets SupportedManufacturing #Purchase
Anker PowerPort 4 Ports4AK-A2142111$30Order Online
Anker PowerPort 6 Ports6AK-848061074772$40Order Online
LocknCharge CarryOn Mobile Charging Station4510051
Tripp Lite Charging Station10CSD1006USB$265Order Online

4. Lightning cables are not included.

Network Requirements

Network-connected devices must be on the same network to interact. We recommend connecting your device with a wired Ethernet connection whenever possible. This will improve connectivity and speed while reducing the chance of potential network issues. However, if your location doesn’t have an accessible Ethernet connection or you require mobility, a Wi-Fi connection can be used as an alternative.

The Wi-Fi connection on the device at the location where it will be used must:

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