What are your digital transformation goals?

Our team will begin with a process of discovery to understand your digital transformation and business goals. We’ll work with your team to discuss your current and future requirements, hear your team’s internal requests, and perform a business analysis to identify potential gaps. Once we’ve analyzed each facet of what makes you tick, we’ll make our external recommendations for your requests so we can address all of your needs. Possible solutions include:

Enterprise Implementation Services
Implementation Services

Delivering migration or re-platforming services and supporting launch windows for smooth transitions and implementations.

Enterprise Integration Services
Integration Services

Building systems that integrate with your entire ecosystem in ways a third-party doesn’t have access to including custom endpoints, data delivery, and more.

Enterprise Support
Exclusive Support Services

Exceptional hands-on support providing end-to-end services management and maintenance with options such as custom upgrade and deployment services, on-site personnel, user-acceptance testing, and feedback gathering.

Custom Enterprise Custom Development
Custom Development

Designing and developing new features and solutions like customized user interfaces or product enhancements, with the help of a solutions engineer.

Maximize Enterprise Investment

Maximize development investment 

As a retailer, building software in-house is not only complicated and expensive, it’s also very difficult to support, maintain, and scale.

By partnering with iQmetrix, we can build your unique experience on top of our platform. You benefit from our team’s passion for building world-class software that has extensibility in mind. Our dedicated professionals are focused on helping you achieve your growth strategy and their expertise has been entrusted by over 20,000 retail locations with clients of all sizes. As partners who are dedicated to your business, we scale our solutions with you to support your growth.

Enterprise Innovation

Think and innovate without boundaries

Building your own technology workflow to suit your customer journey and create a unique experience can be frustrating. But having that unique customer experience is a major competitive advantage.

Rather than being stuck with out-of-the-box software that doesn’t suit your needs, iQmetrix specializes in creating customized technology to match your retail flow, build new applications within your current infrastructure, and enable advanced business processes.

Immediate Response

An immediate response to unique needs

Technology requests tend to fall into a large queue of suggestions and not every suggestion is going to suit the rest of the market. Even so, some are critical to your business, even if they aren’t for everyone. How can you find a balance?

iQmetrix is a product-focused company that also provides you with a services outlet for your unique needs. Our team can respond to your requests, create a team of dedicated developers, or even build a tailored support plan with options such as on-site personnel—all to ensure your business is fully supported. 

Aggregate Systems

Aggregate systems to reduce complexities

Operating an enterprise-level business across all channels, especially in complex industries, requires the involvement of a lot of business stakeholders. Hiring third-party integrators or development consultants can achieve parts of the puzzle and if you’re only employing these resources, you’re not completing the whole picture.

iQmetrix is the full-suite software and support system that can enable every part of your business to thrive. Allow us to create a more streamlined experience for the end users–both your sales representatives and your customers. We can integrate our products with not only your systems but also the systems of your various business partners to achieve an overall, streamlined solution.

We attribute a large part of our most successful day in the history of our company to RQ and how fast our staff could process sales.
JT Thome
COO, Cellular Sales

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