Retail Drop Shipping


Dropship is a service that lets you send items from a vendor or fulfillment location right to your customer's door. Whether you have an item in-stock or not, you can always close the sale and keep the customer happy. What more could you want?

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Retail Drop Shipping
Save the Sale

With Dropship, out-of-stock is out of the question. Even customers who want a particular item in a specific color can get what they want. With a complete catalog of physical and virtual items to choose from, shoppers can count on you to always deliver. Let's start increasing the number of happy customers served and sales made. 

Intelligent Inventory

Offer thousands of products without any risk! It might sound too good to be true, but that's the power of Dropship. Analyze your physical and virtual sales numbers to decide what should or shouldn’t be taking up peg space—optimization at its finest. 

More Sales, More Money

Not willing to bring in the $600 gold-plated headphones for fear of being stuck with the cost? We totally get it. With Dropship, you can highlight premium items you have for sale, but don't normally stock. Virtual items mean physical sales with lower risk. It's a win-win!

How It Works

How it Works - 1
Customer Order

Your customer decides what they want to purchase through an Endless Aisle touchscreen or directly at the POS.

How it Works - 2
Transaction in POS

The Dropship Wizard adds the item to the customer’s order to collect all shipping and payment details.

How it Works - 3
Supplier is Notified

Through our product library and partner integrations, the order is sent to the vendor. 

How it Works -4
Package is Shipped

The order is picked, packed, and shipped according to the customer’s specifications and shipped directly to their door. 

Dropship Features

Let's Make Ship Happen

Dropship Wizard

Located directly in RQ, you can easily add Dropship items to an existing invoice or create a new one. 

Real-Time Pricing + Availability

Through our ecosystem of integrations, all pricing changes and inventory availability is updated automatically.

Smart Shipping 

The customer's shipping details are entered directly into the POS and shipping options are automatically calculated.

Product Library

Manage inventory through one tool that aligns online, warehouse, and in-store product, mapping your entire catalog.

Email Notifications

After a purchase is made, emails are sent to your customer with important information including purchase and shipping notifications and tracking details. 

Quick Returns

Painless returns! Dropship automatically configures a return and turns it into physical in-store stock.

Order Management

Hub, a web application paired with RQ, shows users the status of each order. You'll always know where a Dropship product is. 

Supplier Management

Prioritize your suppliers to meet inventory levels and ensure you're getting the best prices. One supplier doesn’t have what you need? Default to the next automatically.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle with Dropship

Dropship + Endless Aisle

With this dynamic duo, you'll never miss a sale. Customers browse your full library of physical and virtual inventory on an Endless Aisle interactive touchscreen, add their desired item to their cart, and Dropship ships a not-in-store item right to the customer's door. It's almost too easy!

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Powering a Connected Experience in Wireless

Wireless retailers work in an ever-changing, always evolving industry, and need to constantly stay up-to-date in every which way.


What is the difference between Endless Aisle and Dropship?

At iQmetrix we define Dropship as the shipping integration directly to your vendors while Endless Aisle is the customer facing, interactive touchscreen showcasing all of your virtual products and specs. 

What if I don’t work with any of your current Dropship Vendors?

Let us know who you’re working with. We are always adding new vendors to our to our elaborate partner ecosystem. We also have the ability to use our external APIs to build custom integrations to your manufacturers or shipping warehouses. 

In this ordering process, who is paying the shipping cost?

The shipping fees associated with orders are based on the zip code or postal code. We typically recommend that you do offer a free shipping option for the customer, so that you don’t have to turn them over to Amazon or another online retailer who offers free shipping. However, the customer does have the option to pay for expedited shipping, if they’re interested. Ideally, this would be the only time where a customer would pay a shipping cost. There may be some cases where there isn’t a free shipping option, depending on your retail location, the customer’s delivery location, or based on the item itself. 

Is it possible for customers to cancel the order once it is in the process?

Once an order is placed, it is sent to the vendor in real-time so they can pick, pack, and ship that order as quickly as possible. Because of this streamlined process that focuses on efficient shipping, it is not possible to cancel an order in process. What you can do is contact the vendor and try and cancel that order on the customer’s behalf. We also have an Order Management screen in Hub that allows you to have insight into those orders and access to tracking information to help you provide a great customer experience. 

How can a Dropship item be returned?

Does the customer bring the item in-store, or ship it back to the distributor? There is a setting in RQ that allows you to accept Dropship refunds. While some clients have decided to enable returns and others have not, we do recommend that you allow in-store returns. This helps you get the customer back in-store and creates the opportunity to help the customer find a more suitable product for an exchange, or provide a great experience by helping them return their undesired item. 

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