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Each office is similar but also unique in what they offer. Vancouver, Winnipeg and Regina are hosts to weekly fitness classes to promote a healthy lifestyle and each office offers a variety of sports teams, hobby groups and beer taps! We also have a matching RRSP and Employee Share Ownership component. We balance hard work with a commitment to lifestyle, competitive benefits and exciting perks, but what really makes iQmetrix a great place to work is our fun and talented employees!

Our company is currently ramping up to release new products in new markets. Through this continued growth, there are significant opportunities for individuals who are ready to rise to the challenge.

Top 10 Reasons to Join UsCareer Opportunities

Top 10 Reasons to Join iQmetrix


No Dress Code

If you want to wear a suit and tie, go for it! If you want to wear shorts and a t-shirt, all the power to you! If you want to wear black socks with sandals... Don’t. Trust us on this one.

Dress Code



Ingredients for Creative Juice

Our offices are stocked with free organic fruit, juice, pop, chocolate milk and yes, craft beer – everything you need to fuel your next big idea.

Creative Juice



We Like to Break a Sweat

Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod were onto something. Keep fit and have fun. We have access to workout classes, plus we have a variety of internal sports teams that are always looking for a new ringer.




Awesome Clients

Lets face it, we get to work with some pretty big deals. We provide back-end and front-of-house software for major retailers in the U.S., Canada and Australia, and we’re ready to explore new verticals.




New & Exciting Projects

We get to work with the latest technologies to build cool things for even cooler people. Never a dull moment at iQmetrix.




We Stick to Our Values

As a software company, we need to move fast and use forward thinking but we also want to remain authentic, grow sustainably and give back to the community.




Autonomy & Personal Growth

You control your own destiny. You own initiatives. You do not need to conform to a specific box or role. Break free and realize your full potential. Taking on new challenges every day and overcoming them leads to personal growth.




We Give Back

I know we already mentioned Community as one of our core values, but we wanted to mention it again because that’s how important it is to us. Last year alone, we donated to 112 charities around the world!




It's Always a Good Time

OK, we do bust our asses and have to find solutions for many problems, but as stressful as it gets… it’s always a good time.



Creating Great Experiences

This is our one and only company purpose
 for our clients, our partners, the end consumer and most of all, our PEOPLE.

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