Why You Should Showcase Your Company at SummitX 2024

Whether you’re an existing iQmetrix integrated partner, a not-yet-integrated retail technology company or wireless supplier, or any other telecom- or retail-adjacent business, SummitX is the only place to get in front of key clients and prospects. 

SummitX by iQmetrix is an unmissable three-day event on October 27-29, 2024 at a spectacular desert resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is the only event in North America to bring together all stakeholders and leaders from the telecom retail sector, creating an interconnected community space packed with thought-provoking conference sessions, idea-sharing with industry professionals, and unrivalled networking opportunities. We also make sure there are some great experiences and lots of fun along the way — including an epic mountainside party that you’ll never forget! 

There will also be a huge Vendor Showcase that is likely to be the best source of new business for telecom- and retail-related platforms, tools, and services — including, but not limited to, iQmetrix’s current 40-strong integrated partners. 

This year, in a feature that is brand new for Summit events, we’ll have lead capture licenses for all of our Sponsors and Exhibitors. You’ll be able to use your own mobile device to capture leads (via attendees’ badges) throughout the event — whether it’s on the golf course, at breakfast, in the showcase, or on the side of the mountain. Our goal is to ensure every vendor sees great ROI from the event! We’re bringing back the days when vendors would tell us they captured more leads at our event than they did all year. 

Let’s take a look at the key benefits that are specific to the different types of companies who should be showcasing their business at SummitX. 

1. For established iQmetrix integrated partners 

Protect your customer base and build relationships

If you’re a long-time iQmetrix integrated partner who already enjoys working with a large segment of our telecom retail client base, SummitX is the perfect place to be. It’s the ideal venue for nurturing all those relationships, with customers who are all in one place at one time — a rare occurrence! And, of course, you’ll remember the previous iQmetrix Summits and Meetups, and what special experiences those are, so we know you’ll want to make a bunch more memories with industry pals. 

Even though you might have most of the iQmetrix client base locked in, those will not be the only attendees at SummitX. We are excited that some of our own new-client prospects will be attending, which of course means potential new business for you (and we’re talking some big names here). You wouldn’t want to miss out on that! 

It’s also about keeping your brand top of mind and visible against competitors in your space — some of which will be hungry to gobble up your business. That hunger may lead your competition to secure their spot at SummitX before you do, and get a better position in the showcase or snag the sponsorship package you want. The most visible spots are given on a first-secured basis, so don’t let them beat you to it! 

2. For newer members of the iQmetrix integrated vendor ecosystem 

Gain a host of brand-new leads and make new contacts 

First, we’re so happy you joined our iQmetrix partner family! We can’t wait to celebrate with you at SummitX. Showcasing your business there will be absolutely essential, as this is where you can get in front of a whole bunch of iQmetrix clients who are looking for ways to improve their telecom retail operations, customer experience, product and service add-ons, and much more. We’ve been told in the past by some of our partners that they get more new business leads at one single iQmetrix event than they do in the entire rest of the year — and that could be you! 

For many of our partners, there are existing — sometimes longer-established — partners in our ecosystem that are operating in the same space. Give your business the brand visibility it needs to go up against that stiff competition, and make sure you snag the better Vendor Showcase spot first. 

3. For not-yet-integrated retail technology companies and other suppliers 

Get access to a whole new customer base and raise brand awareness

Maybe you’re a retail-related technology platform, or a mobile accessories vendor, or another telecom-adjacent company that is not (at least, not yet) integrated into the iQmetrix ecosystem of partner vendors? 

SummitX is the absolutely the best place for you to showcase your tools, products, or services to a vast array of wireless retail operators and carriers. Nowhere else will you find such a high-quality pool of target customers in one place at the same time. iQmetrix SummitX is only attended by those in the North American telecom retail sector, so every single contact you make could mean new business for you. 

It’s also about brand visibility in a new market. You don’t want the attendees of this event to only see the same products and services they see through iQmetrix’s integrations — they need to know about your business, and maybe they don’t right now. You’ll also get to see how your competitors — who may have the edge on you by being already integrated into iQmetrix’s solutions — are showcasing their own products and services. And you’ll be able to learn whether integration with iQmetrix solutions, and access to all those clients, is right for you. 

One thing is for sure, and that’s you don’t want to give your competition a further advantage by letting them get the best exhibitor spots by signing up before you do! 

So, what are the options to showcase your business at SummitX?

The options fall into three key categories:

1. Sponsorship packages 

We have a wide array of amazing sponsorship packages (see downloadable brochure, below) for SummitX 2024. These range from high-glamour, high-visibility party sponsorship to individual event, meal, or kit sponsorships. All of them include passes to SummitX and premium booth space in the Vendor Showcase. 

2. Exhibit only

Another option is to simply exhibit in the Vendor Showcase — just make sure that you secure your booth spot asap, as the prime spots are allocated on a first-secured basis. You don’t want to leave it too late and have a less visible spot than your competitors. Exhibiting also includes two passes to SummitX.

3. Speaking opportunities

Thought-leadership packages are also available (see downloadable brochure, below) and these are incredibly valuable for showcasing your company’s innovation and ability to keep your customers ahead of this relentlessly changing industry. What’s more, speaking gives you a captive audience whom you can educate on industry innovations and trends. It elevates your brand in the audience’s eyes, and aligns your brand closely with the expertise and thought leadership of iQmetrix and other industry pioneers. These packages also come with SummitX passes and a premium booth spot in the Vendor Showcase.

What are you waiting for? Download the brochure to learn more via the form below, and email VendorShowcase@​iQmetrix.​com to secure your spot right away.