VoiceComm’s Dropship Program: Maximize Your Profits Today

Several years ago, VoiceComm and iQmetrix developed the Dropship program so many businesses — like yours — could have a dependable product supply to rely on, combat online big-box retailers, increase sales, and better serve customers.

It has been a fruitful partnership for all involved, and we’re proud to remain iQmetrix’s largest partner in this space. How we’ve maintained this market position is a combination of over 3,000 products from 50 industry-leading brands, a dedicated support team capable of handling anything, program value-adds such as our mobile catalog and in-store collateral, and pure innovation.

There’s a certain satisfaction in knowing the innovation clients experience with VoiceComm’s Dropship program today will be incorporated by our competitors months or even years down the road. We did it first, we do it best.

VoiceComm is thrilled that iQmetrix clients are, for a limited time, able to get their first 90 days of Dropship for free. That’s right! If you’re an iQmetrix client, you’ll get the first three months of your Dropship subscription free. This means you get to experience all the benefits and increased profits Dropship delivers for less — how great is that?

In the spirit of such generosity, we would like to tell you about some of the cool tools and services you can experience on VoiceComm’s Dropship program to ensure you’re always a few steps ahead for the competition. 

1. Address Verification Service

In order to eliminate the pain and hassle of an incorrect shipping address, VoiceComm developed an automated system that transmits alerts when a shipping address is identified as incorrect or incomplete — all before an order is processed.

2. Product Feed Management

Product Feed Management grants full control over product visibility in your Dropship catalog and MSRPs to mirror in-store pricing and maximize profitability.

3. Custom Packing Slip

With our Custom Packaging Slip solution, you’re able to add QR codes, coupons, or custom verbiage to promote return business and social network connections.

4. In-store Marketing Support

VoiceComm has leveraged our strategic partnership with Mobile Price Card in order to display promotional content via in-store display devices to drive consumer awareness.

We are incredibly proud of our history of standing strong in the Dropship market, but the best has yet to come. Sign up for the VoiceComm Dropship program today to ensure you never miss out to competitors and, more importantly, never miss out on a sale. Dropship won’t replace your core business, but it will certainly complement it while building loyalty among your customers. Not only that, but you’ll establish your business as destination shopping.” Our team is waiting to serve you and your loyal customers now. So, why wait?