The iQmetrix Bootcamp: What’s New and Improved for 2019

Your people and your processes are the two things that can make or break your customer’s experience. But this isn’t news to you! You’ve been laser focused on providing next-level service and your goal is to maintain this exceptional customer experience. After all, that’s what keeps customers coming back for more! With your eyes on the prize, you’re not going to fall short on expectation and let your customers walk into the doors of the competition. 

But you’ve already implemented state of the art retail management solutions and hired an all-star team, so what’s next?

Help your in-store experience take the next step by training staff with the tools they need for success, knowing the in’s and out’s that make transactions a breeze, and reflect on and refind your processes to ensure continued growth in the ever-changing retail industry. This may seem like a hefty list of to-dos, but don’t worry — we’re here to help!

It All Starts with Bootcamp

In 2018, the first-ever iQmetrix Bootcamp brought together iQmetrix clients who were passionate about upping their game and confidence with their POS software. Focusing on key areas of their businesses, the iQmetrix team shared tactical items that attendees could take home and implement immediately, unleashing their true selling potential. Offering detailed learnings on operations, inventory, finance, and reporting, the 2018 Bootcamp left attendees with a wealth of knowledge.

We want to learn as much as we can. [RQ] is a very powerful tool and it is a big part of our everyday business. The more people [in my company] that know about RQ is going to make me more efficient and make my company better. [This is why] I brought my Inventory Manager, my Sales Manager, my Reconciliation Manager, my B2B Manager, my IT Manager [to Bootcamp]; this is just going to make us better.”

Anita Denboske | Owner, Active Communications & 2018 Bootcamp Attendee

Back and Better Than Ever

With all the above (and more!) offered at the 2019 Bootcamp, we could not be more excited for what this year’s event has to offer. We’ve included a wide variety of sessions covering every inch of your business operations including back office and in-store content for a variety of skill levels; there truly is something for everyone. From operations and employee management, inventory and sales, and reporting and finance, no matter who you are, your area of focus, or your RQ knowledge, Bootcamp is the event for you.

For New Users: Leapfrog the Learning Curve

If you’re new to iQmetrix or simply want to get back to the basics and brush up on the hefty functionality of RQ, we have the sessions and information you need. 

  • For everything you need to know to run your business well and the perfect stepping stone to make the most of the advanced features of RQ, the session RQ 101: An Intro to RQ Beyond a Transaction’ is a great place to start.
  • Build a strong foundation of reporting to provide actionable insights for your store with the session A High Level: Business Intelligence’.
  • When it comes to industry standards and best practices, who better to learn from than industry experts and peers? Get a glimpse into what the most successful RQ users do to ensure success in a variety of business areas.
  • With detailed takeaways making great training guides post-Bootcamp, try your hand at intermediate or advanced content without the overwhelming fear of remembering every single word.

For Experienced Users: Put Your Growth on the Fast Track

For RQ users who have years of experience, we’ve paid special attention to your pain points and have crafted sessions to help you reach the next phase of growth.

  • Get to know the underutilized and underappreciated features of RQ that may be small but provide a big impact. With the session You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know: Settings’ dig into what RQ can really do for you to give your business a competitive edge.
  • See how reports and auditing can work together to improve your behind-the-scenes operations and protect your business from harmful inefficiencies in the session Mastering Advanced Report Analysis’.
  • Deep dive into the details to up your know-how and get the most comprehensive knowledge to take home to your business straight from the product specialists who know your iQmetrix solutions best.
  • You know your role better than anyone else, but with features to streamline processes, reduce manual entry, and provide transparency, we’ll show you how to optimize RQ and make your life easier. 

For All Attendees: Be Inspired

In addition to the 20+ sessions that will educate your team and excel your business, Bootcamp has more to offer! Throughout the event, you’ll have the chance to network with other attendees, share ideas, and be inspired by other RQ users. And, with direct access to iQmetrix experts, you can take the opportunity to schedule a free one-on-one consultation to ask your burning questions about solution sets, day-to-day processes, or other operational challenges. You’ll receive answers that provide you the confidence to grow your business.

The full agenda is available now! Check it out here and don’t miss your chance to receive the best training and the most detailed information at the best price! Join us in Chicago, IL, May 5th-7th, 2019.