See What Bootcamp Has In-Store for Your Associates

Any business’ in-store all-stars are the oil that helps the brick-and-mortar logistics run smoothly. That’s why the 2019 iQmetrix Bootcamp is the perfect pit stop for knowledge as your team races towards increased profits!

Hosted in The Windy City — Chicago, IL — from May 3-5, Bootcamp is everything an in-store associate needs to optimize their skills and see maximized profits. The expert-lead sessions include a wide-variety of content that will ensure well-rounded employees are taking to the sales floor, confidently helping customers down their path to purchase (and beyond).

Here are a few things every in-store associate should take in at Bootcamp.

RQ Specific Training

Kick-off Bootcamp with an introduction into everything RQ. Beyond the transaction, did you know that RQ can help you with performance milestones, master lists, custom fields, and so much more? This session will give any member of your team a strong foundation of RQ knowledge that will let them optimize their retail software. Takeaways from this session also make a great training guide for when your ever-growing team adds new members. Goodbye learning curve!

Must-Sees for RQ Beginners

Speaking of newbies, what does your onboarding process look like? When a new hire clocks in on their first day, does your team know how to guide them towards success? In Train the Trainer, you’ll review the best practices of employee training. Whether you’re directly involved in the teaching process or you’re just passing tips on to your training lead, this session has got what you need. From real, in-store examples to the logistics of running the perfect onboarding, this session is a MUST-attend for anyone who has a hand in training your all-star associates.

Become a Troubleshooting Master

Now, your staff are well-versed in everything on the sales floor, but what happens when something hits a bump in the road? Payment transactions are an essential component to your team having a successful sales day and when it doesn’t work, people notice. In Everything You Need to Know About Integrated Payments, you’ll learn all the details of how best to set up, run, and test your payments hardware so that it’s foolproof. Not only that, but you’ll get exclusive expert knowledge of the secret” payment functions in RQ that make completing a transaction a breeze. This session is packed with so much content, you’ll want to bring your notebook!

Exclusive Expert-Led Sessions 

And that’s not all! Any in-store superstars will come away from Bootcamp with a leg up on the competition, guaranteed! With even more sessions including A Day in the Life of a Store Manager, How to Successful Roll Out RQmobile, everything you should know about Repair Tools and a roundtable discussion about all things carriers, and SO much more, your whole team will head home from Bootcamp ready to make changes that increase profits. And what could be better than that?

Whether you’re new to RQ, a long-time user, a part or full-time associate, or manager of a retail business, Bootcamp has the in-store operational know-how needed to optimize your use of the iQmetrix suite of solutions. Come learn from industry leaders, product specialists, and your peers in retail to see continued success when you’re back home.

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